Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today has been a very boring day... I've not really accomplished much of anything other than grocery shopping. That wasn't even planned, but hubby's pay check was deposited into the bank account a day early and since the commissary will be closed tomorrow (always is on Monday) and it's my only other day off this week, I decided to take advantage of getting my shopping done early.

I went to bed at a decent time last night, fell asleep fairly quickly, but woke up at 2:30 wide eyed and bushy tailed, all rearing and ready to go. I laid there willing myself to go back to sleep, but it just was not happening so I finally came downstairs and just got online for a bit.

One of my ex-boyfriends from High School has been trying to convince me to join Facebook as many of our classmates are on there. I've not seen most of them in over 22 years now! A few I've talked with online a few times a couple years ago when we were trying to organize our 20 year class reunion, but other than that I've not seen most since the day we graduated.

Well, yesterday I finally re-joined Facebook and have since been "reunited" with about 17 of my classmates as well as one of my first friends I made after getting married and joining the Air Force Family. I actually found Steph a few months ago when I located one of her daughters on Myspace. It was so cool finding her as her husband got out of the service and we moved away and lost touch eventually. She was my best friend and our kids spent lots of time together.

Well, in all honestly, that's how my day has been... not done anything else at all... other than fix breakfast and dinner and clean up after each.

I'm off tomorrow so that will be a day spent with my daughter. She has asked if she can get her ears pierced again... Daddy finally is agreeing to it though he is not thrilled. He just does not understand it's a girl thing... me, I find nothing wrong with the lobes being pierced...but I draw the line at the belly, tongue, nose, etc. until she is on her own...even then, I won't like it. I am also taking her to get her hair cut and colored. She has decided she does not like having the highlights as she doesn't like the "roots"... Then we will just spend the afternoon together having fun...whatever we find to do.

I'm hoping to make it to the gym tomorrow too since I'm off. It's been a while and I really need to get back up there. My muscles are finally feeling better and not aching so much from the push ups I overdid last week.

Today's Body Blessings:

B: 2 biscuits with sausage gravy, bacon, scrambled eggs
L: notta... breakfast was late since I slept in
S: Popcorn & 100 calorie ice cream bar

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not a lot to report on today. I worked the late schedule today so got to sleep in this morning. Actually, I woke up about the same time I normally do, but laid in bed and snoozed until about 9:30. I finally got up, went down stairs when I heard my phone telling me I had a missed message.

My dad called, asking me to try to get hold of my step-sister (his ex-wife's daughter) as the two of them are not on speaking terms at all. Dad has been trying to get hold of her mom to let her know one of their mutual friends had passed away and that Charlie (the friend's hubby) was not being successful in contacting her either. I tried getting hold of my sister to see if she happened to have a phone number for Shannon, but no luck so I ended up just sending an email to both Brady and Shannon. Hopefully they will get it.

While I was checking my boards, blogs, and emails, Drew asked me if I would like some corn beef hash and a scrambled omelet as he was making that for his breakfast. Not the greatest calorie wise I'm sure, but I had not had it in a long time and since that is what he was fixing, there was no need in wasting the leftovers as it would not be reheated and eaten later.

After breakfast I finished up the laundry, then got around for work. It's a color weekend.. yippee! Was nice not to have to wear all black. On weeks we earn a Customer Satisfaction score of 64 or better I think it is, we are allowed to wear bluejeans to work and a colored top... I always feel more alive and motivated at work when I get to wear color... Black just seems so depressing.

Work was fairly slow for me. They had a truck yesterday on my day off, so I worked on processing what was left of that since my softlines processor is still on vacation from this job. Working her seasonal job all week... I did get that finished us then just worked on cleaning up the desk as the guys have left it a mess... processed the incoming UPS receipts they left sitting there then took my lunch break.

The rest of the night was pretty slow. I was closing with James. I always tend to schedule him on Wed. nights when I close as we get along really well and we work well together. It makes the closing shifts much more bearable as I hate closing... would much rather be at home.

Today's Body Blessings:

B: Corn beef Hash, Scrambled Omelet (eggs, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes... not even sure what else hubby put in them but they were good!)

L: Arby's Ham & Swiss Melt...minus the Swiss.

D: Arby's Roast Turkey & Swiss Sandwich ( I skipped the mozz. cheese sticks today! Yea!)

S: Peanut M&M's and Popcorn

Friday, May 29, 2009

Retirement... Swim suits... Blessings...

Well, today we had a retirement/going away party for our Delivery guys from work... Two are retiring while the third will just start spending more time on his farm and his other part time job. Sears has decided to let go our delivery team and go with a contracted company. I just do not know how well this will do for the business as they delivery fees are going up and we are going with a whole new team of people for our deliveries. Two of our guys have been with Sears for over 20 years! The customers know them, they ask for them specifically. We had an awesome delivery team and I know I am going to miss each and every one of them... Especially Del as he's the one that got me involved with the March of Dimes March for Babies walk. He's just such a nice guy. He's old enough to be my dad and can actually act a lot like the dad away from home.

My daughter went into the store with me but took off and did her own thing...then came back asking for $5.00 so she could go to Subway for lunch. She didn't want to eat what we were having. She walked down and got her lunch then brought it back to the break room to eat with us.

We then headed into the mall as she wanted to check for a birthday gift for one of her friends. She found what she was looking for but thought it looked two girly for her guy friend so she took pics of them and a few others shirts she thought he might like and will email him for recommendations.

I also found the swimsuit I wanted to pick up with my birthday money from my in-laws. I can't believe of all the suits I looked at, I couldn't find one like the one I saw in Shape last month... nobody has it or anything like it other than New Port News. I just HATE shopping online for clothes as you never know if it will fit or not.

After checking out the stores, I did splurge today and took Holly to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream. I did well though and stuck with the small portion. Holly and I do not really get to spend a lot of time together, so when we do, I like to do things special. Otherwise, I would have just skipped the ice cream all together.

After our trip into town for the party and our time "window shopping", we headed home where I began "Blessing" my office by organizing, de-cluttering, shredding old documents, bank statements, rental receipts, dusting, etc. I really need to get through everything and condense it down into less cabinets and files so I can make room for my new Futon which I will pick up in about 2 weeks. I am so excited! I've been wanting one for a while.

I also started on my laundry today. I've got quite a bit more to get done, but it will probably end up waiting until Monday when I am off work. I got done my husbands and my uniforms for work, so at least we are good there...

After dinner out with Hubby and Daughter, hubby and I went into town and he bought me the swim suit I found. It's really cute and way different than I have ever worn. And, of all place to find it, I found it at Pac Sun... the trendy teen store. Thankfully this one does not have the cross bones and skulls on it! LOL... seems like most of the stuff they sell there is very Goth or gosh, I don't even know how to describe the style the kids wear now-a-days. I just know it's SOOOOO not me! The suit was bought as separates and I did go with a bottom slightly smaller than I currently need, but considering the base pool is not opening for almost 3 weeks yet, I figured that by then hopefully my working out will prove to be successful enough that they will fit a bit better... ;)

Today's Body Blessings:

B: Banana
L: Sandwich made with one slice Salomi, one slice ham, bit of butter and cheese slice. Au Gratin Chips, pasta salad, and a small piece of cake.
D: Tuscan Ciaballia (not sure of spelling), fries, and a salad with ranch
S: Strawberry Blond ice cream from Coldstone Creamery

Beverages: Water with Lemon, Diet Pepsi, Fuze Slenderize

+ 2 Fiber Choice Multi Vitamins

Todays' Workout:

None... just walking around the mall and my activity working on cleaning my office.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It was a GREAT birthday...

Well, I had a really good birthday. Work was extremely busy yesterday but I was OK with that as it kept me moving and moving means I'm burning lots of calories! I did get an email at work that really upset me regarding my "problem child" associate...but in the same email it made me feel really good about myself and one of my other associates.

We had a customer complaint against the one associate I have the most trouble with. I guess he ripped the leather seats of their brand new car while putting merchandise in. He was extremely rude to the customers about it... but as usual, the managers won't fire him over it. They are going to just pay the claim.

In the email from my managers, it was noted that the same customer, however, stated that when they returned the merchandise as it too was damaged, the two young ladies that helped them unload the merchandise and load the new was very respectful and nice. As my boss says, "We know who that would be"...and he THANKED US (myself and Celina...the only two girls working receiving at the moment) for getting it right. It's always good to hear that even though there was a major issue with one associate, that the customer takes the time to recognize those that do "get it right".

That is the one thing that I can say about my job... I ALWAYS put the customer and their feelings and needs first. For instance, today, I had an elderly gentleman come in to ask about getting a service tech to his house for service on his yard tractor... I noticed he did not walk well as he walked into the Merchandise Pick-up and Service Departments, he had some really funky glasses on (looked like welding glasses, only one lens was missing) so instead of making him stand up, come over to the computer to stand while I explained to him how the in home service worked, I grabbed a clipboard from my desk, took the paperwork over to where he was sitting and I sat down beside him to explain it to him. To me, that is much more customer friendly and letting the customer know that we really appreciate their business...enough that I take there needs into consideration. I just wish my "Problem Child" would use that same attitude toward the customers he waits on.

After work yesterday, my husband met me at the mall and we went "Up The Creek" for my birthday dinner. It's our FAVORITE restaurant in town and they give any meal on the menu (except fillet Mignon) free on your birthday... even the Fillet Mignon is $5.00 on your birthday! And the food is awesome. I choose a healthy meal, but did eat some fried dill pickles.

While waiting for our meal, my hubby handed me a really nice birthday card. Very fitting to the life we have had together. Then he hands me a bag with my gifts. Oh my gosh...he is SO mean. But then, I really think he was getting even with me for harassing him on turning 40 in January.

For my gifts, I got... a tin of Memory Mints for Senior Moments (Extra Strong), A Coupon Book titled "Sex for Seniors, the how to guide for sex in your twilight years" & to top it off, he bought me a new T-shirt which he says I can use to sleep in...but I think I will wear it outside the house too as it's just too funny! It reads... "This is the HOTTEST I've been in years... flashes count right?"

As for my workouts... I did not work out at all yesterday. I was so sore from my Last Chance Workout sbefore the Sizzlin Hot By Summer challenge ended. I had done 80 push-ups (between modified and regular) between Monday and Tuesday's workouts. My arms were feeling every bit of them! Then being busy at work just added more stress to my arms. BUT, that's OK. I love the feeling I get when my arms hurt, my abs hurt, my legs hurt...It lets me know that I am doing what I need to be doing to get my body into the shape that I want it to be in. I was totally SHOCKED by my arms when I took the flexed arms shot. I knew that I was gaining muscle, I just didn't realize how much until I saw the pictures.

I received an email today from one of the Mom's on CafeMom... she had emailed me a month or so ago when I joined the local group on CafeMom for the base here... She lives just a street or so over from me. We may start walking together in the evenings or maybe riding bikes. She says she's not really big on going to the gym unless it's to use the indoor pool... that's not open year round though and will close here soon as the outdoor pool should open within the next few weeks. Even in the winter time, it's only open for swim classes and on the weekends for open swim. It will be nice to have someone to at least walk with...even if she has to take the kids on their trikes or pull them in the wagon. Just getting out and walking will be added cardio. OR, we can have my daughter watch her kids, play with them, and keep them entertained while we do our workouts... it will be fun! I just hope it happens.

Well, that's my update for the past couple of days...

Today's Body Blessings:

B: Wheat Thins & Mixed Nuts
L: Whopper with Cheese (held the mayo this time!), Small Fry
D: 3-4 oz Pork Loin chop, 1/2 cup chicken flavored rice, 1 cup broccoli/cauliflower/carrots

S: Fruit Smoothie
Beverages: Large Diet Pepsi with lunch, 1 diet Pepsi while working, apple juice, 4 cups water

Today's Workout:

2 sets of 10 push-ups
2 sets of 10 dolphin pose
2 sets of 10 sumo squats
2 sets of 25 torso twist with punch
2 sets of 25 Laying Abductions
2 sets of 25 Laying Adductions
2 sets of 25 bicycle crunches
2 sets of 15 scissor kicks
2 sets of 15 Pilates Roll-Ups
Miscellaneous hamstring stretches

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here it is... final day of the SHBS Challenge.

Today's Weigh In...

Wow, hard to believe it's been 8 weeks already. At first, I didn't think I really saw a lot of difference but after taking my photos this morning, there IS a difference which I am excited about... My actual weight loss is only 4.2 lbs, but since I wasn't going so much for weight loss as I was toning, I am very happy with that!

Here are my BEFORE pics 4-1-2009

Here are my AFTER pics 5-27-2009...

Thanks for hosting this challenge Sheila, we've all benefited greatly from it. We've learned a lot about yourselves through the journeys of each person who participated as well as with our own accomplishments!

Good Luck to everyone in their next step of their weight loss journey to getting healthy!

Monday, May 25, 2009

In Honor of our Military

In Honor of our Military personnel who gave all, to those who have served & are still serving. Thank You for all that you have given to make this the Best Place on Earth the live... Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Memorial Day
By C. W. Johnson

We walked among the crosses
Where our fallen soldiers lay.
And listened to the bugle
As TAPS began to play.
The Chaplin led a prayer
We stood with heads bowed low.
And I thought of fallen comrades
I had known so long ago.
They came from every city
Across this fertile land.
That we might live in freedom.
They lie here 'neath the sand.
I felt a little guilty
My sacrifice was small.
I only lost a little time
But these men lost their all.
Now the services are over
For this Memorial Day.
To the names upon these crosses
I just want to say,
Thanks for what you've given
No one could ask for more.
May you rest with God in heaven
From now through evermore.

Tweak of the Week: The Carbs to Keep

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 - 23 Comments
By Shawn McKee
Staff Writer,

Face it: Carbohydrates are confusing. There are simple carbs, complex carbs, good carbs, bad carbs, refined, unrefined, plus, something called net carbs -- whatever that means.

With the popularity of low-carb diets like the Glycemic Impact plan, people are hearing half-baked facts about carbs and only getting more confused. Luckily, eDiets Director of Nutrition Services Pam Ofstein slices through the uncertainty about carbohydrates to give you the freshest information available.

"What most of us are referring to as 'good carbs' are those including vegetables and whole fruits, whole grains and beans (unrefined carbohydrates). These foods include a substantial amount of fiber and can help to level blood sugar levels," Pam explains. "There are many carbohydrate foods (refined) that aren't as nutritious as we would like them to be and contain less fiber or the important vitamins and minerals we should be including daily."

For example, if you start your day with a high-fiber bran cereal, as opposed to a sugary cereal with little-to-no-fiber, it will provide you with many health benefits, as well as the providing satiety to keep you feeling full longer.

The most obvious benefit of fiber has been promoted through any number of commercials on restroom regularity, but there are so many other benefits to this crucial weight-loss component.

"The health benefits of fiber include lowering cholesterol, helping maintain insulin levels and decreasing certain risks of cancer (i.e. colon/breast)," explains Pam. "Fiber also slows down stomach emptying to allow for better digestion and helps keep you full longer -- providing satiety."

So beyond its many health benefits, fiber can keep your cravings under control and prevent overeating, which will aid in your weight-loss goals. But how much fiber do you need daily?

"Most of us don't get enough," warns Pam. "The average person takes in only about 15 grams of fiber per day. Try to up that amount to a minimum of 25 grams per day -- aim for 30 grams or more."

The breakdown on carbohydrates: You need more carbs from unrefined foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables and less from processed foods. Whole foods have the "good carbs" loaded with health benefits and fiber, which can be your secret weight-loss weapon in the war on fat. Skipping the white bread and going for the whole grain is a good place to start.

Check out Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels as she gives her own no-nonsense explanation of carbohydrates.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Quck Update for Today...

I don't know what's up with today... maybe because of TOM or because I'm just feeling really tired. Work was busy today... only had the one truck (which was an hour late) since James and I took the appliance truck last night. We had lots of cleaning up and organizing to do today so we kept busy...

Tonight I have a splitting headache so will not get a workout in which I really wanted to do tonight... think I am just going to head to bed early after taking a Tylenol PM.

My food choices today were not good... again, TOM does that to me. I'm not even sure I ate breakfast today. If I ate anything, it was probably just a yogurt or a granola bar. But at this point, i really don't remember...

Lunch was left over spaghetti from the other night... portioned well so not too many calories...along with a good helping of green beans. So not a bad lunch at all...

Dinner was a very small grilled steak, small portion of beef noodles, broccoli, and a yogurt. Again, not a bad dinner.

Snacks though were the killer... Snickers & and a bag of TGI Friday's Chips while at work... and popcorn & yogurt tonight... I tried convincing hubby into taking me to DQ too, but he nixed that in the bud...LOL Thankfully!

Hopefully I'm able to get my butt out of bed early enough tomorrow that I can head to the gym before we head into town. Hubby is getting a 4 day I get to work all but Sunday. Hubby wants to go out to lunch together before I have to be to work at noon... then he's going to go to the movies. I'll have to convince him to head to Up The Creek if they are open by 11:00 so I can at least eat a salad. That actually sounds pretty good right now...

I just had a thought... I bet another part of my problem with the snacks the last few days is my lack of eating a healthy breakfast... I think I need to work on getting back into the habit of fixing an egg sandwich or a bowl of cereal at least... or I have pancakes and breakfast fixings in the freezer too. That should help with the cravings...

Ok, off to get around for a good nights sleep... nice hot shower, give myself a quick facial for the night and climb into bed.

See you all in the morning!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's been a long, slow, but busy day today. I got up early this morning... not really sure why I hadn't reset my alarm to get up an hour later, but it didn't really matter anyway as I heard my husband leaving for PT. I got up and got around for work...

I was suspecting that we would have 2 two applience trucks again today...and we did. They were fairly small... Took us less than two hours to offload both of them. I got interupted on the first one, so the team had to finish it.

We had the grouchy crabby customers for sure today. They just can not understand that it could (but usually does NOT... only if parts or ordered or backordered) take up to a month to get their service items back. They expect that they drop their items off today, they should have them back tomorrow. Sorry, it doesn't work that way... they are scheduled by order of which they are dropped off for the most part... and of course when the assigned technitions are scheduled to work...

Today has not really been a great day. I WANT to workout, but my back is not feeling up to it... thanks to TOM again. Sometimes I wish I could just speed through the next few years so I don't have to deal with TOM anymore. I hate the tenderness, stiffness, and all the other symptoms that come with TOM.

My season finalies are tonight of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, so I will be watching those... and may at least do some stretches in hope that will help relieve the pain in my lower back...

I work late tomorrow... so it's a GREAT day to work out. I'll probably do a routine at home as it will be easier here than going to the gym... I've got a few DVD's yet I've not tried... will see how they go or I may just stick to my strength training one I have been working out with... (Did anyone check out the link I posted a few days ago to the online video of the DVD and give it a try...? It's an awesome workout.)

Today's Body Blessings...

B: Cheese Stick, Wheat Thins
L: Turkey with Bacon Sandwich and 4 cheese sticks from Arby's
D: Grilled Beef Roast, Mashed Tators and gravy, Corn, lots of fresh veggies and olives.

S: embarassed to say (TOM always does it to me) M&M Cookies and a Snickers Bar...

Beverages: 1 can diet pepsi, 1 large glass Diet Pepsi, 2 flavored waters, lots of unsweet, decaf iced tea... oh, and apple juice...

Pick yourself up and dust off your lapel...

Sharing yet another email...

How to Recover from a Setback
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 - 28
By Shawn McKee, eDiets Staff Writer

It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get back up. -- Vince Lombardi

I get knocked down -- a lot. I think most people do. As a matter of fact, if you're not getting knocked down, you're probably not really trying. Life knocks you down and things very seldom work out the way they are planned. I am reminded of this nearly every day.

I've been injured for well over a week -- and it's driving me insane. I thought I could work through the pain, but after some research, consultation and some more pain, I realized I should take some time off. I strained my biceps. It's not the worst injury in the world, but it's ruining my routine.

I am a creature of habit. I follow a fairly rigid routine and it keeps me healthy, normal and sane. But when I fall out, I tend to fall way out. I let my daily diet go from 5 or 6 healthy meals to 3 fast-food runs, I abandon the gym and my training completely to reunite with my couch and the most mindless reality TV I can find (American Gladiators, anyone?).

For the first day or so, it's not that big of a deal. It's actually kind of a nice little vacation. But as the days wear on, I feel lethargic, listless. I can't get motivated for anything and I realize that starting back up will be a grueling task. I throw myself a pity party. I will start tomorrow, or, um, maybe Monday. That's a good day to start. Monday it is… Monday comes and goes -- I still haven't started.

I've lost my momentum. Inertia has set in and I am now experiencing "a feeling of unwillingness to do anything." It's physics: A body at rest remains at rest unless force is applied to it. I need to use The Force. So, I consult the Jedi Master of motivation, eDiets Fitness Pro Raphael Calzadilla for some sage advice.

"The key to recovering from a setback is focusing on one successful day. Don't worry about anything beyond one day of dietary and exercise consistency," Raphael recommends. "The next day, focus on how good you feel having completed that successful day -- then do it again. You'll find that you string together a bunch of successful days just by using this method."

So, I'll pick myself up off the floor, dust the dirt from my lapel and take returning to my routine one day at a time. It seems so simple, but sometimes it's hard to see the door when you're face down on the floor. The other realization I have about getting out of a slump is that you can't always do it alone -- sometimes you have to ask for help. So, now it's back to basics… I'll see you at the gym.

Help is just a click away! Every single eDiets member gets complete access to one-on-one personal support and help from our fitness expert, Raphael, and whole team of dietitians! Plus, we're offering a HUGE special offer right now. Learn more.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My 3-day weekend update...

Well, again, it's been a few days since I've updated on me... it's been an OK weekend as far as activity or moving...not really working out Per Si, but moving. Calorie intake, now that was a different story.

I had the entire weekend off... Saturday, Sunday, & Today, Monday. Yea! Saturday, I got up and hubby decided we were going to go out for breakfast... I had an omelet, hashbrowns, & whole wheat toast. Too much grease in the omelet though.

Then Drew suggested we go hit the town garage sales. There were lots of sales, but not really much of anything we really needed. Many old, old, old collectibles, nicknacks, or just plain junk at many of the sales. Though, I did find some really cute Italian Chef pictures and a couple of paddles with grapes on them to use in my formal dining room.

I've been debating back and forth for a while on the theme I wanted to use... Italian theme or I'm really starting to like some of those darned roosters and chickens that are popular right now...LOL. Didn't like it at first, but my daughter put together a puzzle which has a large rooster carrying a vegetable cart and then had it mounted. It is so darned cute I thought about going that route too...

After a couple hours of shopping garage sales, we headed home and I did a LOT of housework. Got my laundry almost totally done Saturday... cleaned my kitchen, sanitized the counters, picked up and decluttered the dining room and such.

Hubby and I then headed to the commissary to do our grocery shopping. Considering we didn't really need a lot, we walked out of there with $200.00 worth of groceries...and that was AFTER coupons. Why does eating healthy have to cost so darned much!

Hey, challenge idea here... Let's see how many money saving ideas we can come up with on how to save money and still eat healthy... any takers????

Well, hubby decided he needed to get something to eat since he had not eaten since breakfast...and with his diabetes he has to eat on a pretty regular schedule. Well, he decided on BURGER KING... I at least ordered the Whopper Jr this time instead of the Double Whopper, small fry, and a diet coke... still forgot to hold the cheese and mayo though. But in all honesty, it just does not taste the same without them.

We headed home and I continued with my housework, watched the All Star race with hubby, and just enjoyed the evening together. Again, HUBBY decided that since the kid was gone babysitting, that I should forgo fixing spaghetti I had planned for dinner and he ordered pizza. To which, I ate way too much... three slices.

Then it was off to bed where I tossed and turned until about 5:00 A.M. before finally falling asleep. When will I ever learn, that junk food just does not enable me to sleep well at night... I need to continually make SMART, HEALTHY choices.

Sunday morning, we woke up, again, hubby decided that since DD spent the night at a friends house, no need for me to fix we went out to breakfast yet again. I did slightly better this time around though as I chose Moons over My Hammy (Denny's breakfast sandwich), hash browns...which was a smaller portion than good, and a cup of fruit.

After breakfast, we came home, picked Holly up and headed back to town to do some shopping. Since the weather is FINALLY getting warm, Holly asked if we would buy her some new shorts. Drew dropped Holly and I off at the mall then he went to Best Buy to get a new Blue Ray DVD player as our DVD player we've had the last 8 years decided to die Saturday. He also found a display model TV on sale so bought that for the dining room as he likes to watch TV while he eats dinner. A habit our daughter absolutely hates! She loves to talk during dinner. Which, is usually the time we do most of our talking...

We didn't eat lunch, since breakfast was kinda late... Snacks consisted of mixed nuts & yogurt, dinner was grilled pork rib, baked Brussels Sprouts, fresh veggies, and cornbread stuffing... all in moderation. Well, an overdose of veggies, but that's good as I needed the fiber big time...

Today was a GOOD day for a change... I had a chiropractic appointment today so I had to get up way too early for a day off. But, it was an appointment I missed last week, and really was in need off. It's about that TOM and my lower back always tends to be tender and/or stiff at this time so the adjustment and therapy is much needed. I did eat breakfast at McDonald's... Southern Chicken biscuit, hashbrown, & OJ... so not necessarily the best options, but not a heavy one either. Better than the Deluxe Breakfast I would have normally gotten...

I had some errands to run... made layaway payment on my futon, exchanged a pair of shorts for Holly as one pair was too small, went to CVS where I picked out some thinking of you cards to send to my best friend who just left this weekend for the big sandbox and some more of my beauty products...

I called Drew while in town to let him know that I may be home in time for lunch, but not in time to fix anything other than soup and, he decided that since he was heading into town at that point anyway to get a new tag for the truck as the new license plate has not yet arrived, that we could just meet over at The China Star for lunch. I ate mostly veggies! I did good! Only three pieces of General Tso's Chicken, and a few pieces of boiled shrimp. I was going to have a couple of cheese sticks that are coated in mashed potatoes, but they were not what I thought and was deep fried cinnamon apples. They were good... and small, so probably not too bad for me.

After lunch I headed back home. I was in a crafty... decorating mood, so put a load of whites in the washer then headed out to get my pictures I bought at the garage sale and got them hung in my formal dining room, changed the table cloth (which I discovered is stained, so needs to be replaced), I also hung my spoon racks... both of them, and hung all my spoons !)...well, all that I could before running out of room...they have only been sitting in the chair out there for a year and a half waiting to be hung.

I then pulled out my paint and paint brushes and finished the grape plaques that I was making for the hotel I used to work at but never got them finished. I will now use them in my formal dining room. They turned out pretty good if I do say so. But then, ceramics have always been one of my favorite crafts and these were more like those then a flat piece of wood... which I have no talent at all trying to paint on wood... gotta have dimension.

I have not done an actual workout over the past few days, however, I have done a few ab crunches, torso twists, stretches etc in the evenings and/or mornings while getting my teeth brushed. So, not all is lost. I still need to make it to the gym and get more cardio in. The cardio sure helps me to feel energized more often then not. It also is what helps me sleep better at night.

Next Thursday (5-28) is my daughter's last day of school... the base pool is suppose to open the following week (which I don't think it will, as they have not even filled it yet since it's been kinda cold yet on some days)... the weather IS finally getting nicer, so hopefully I will be more motivated to workout. Holly did ask me yesterday when we were going to go to the gym again. She likes to go with me, but we just have not been up there lately. This week, I have three late scheduled days, so I should have no excuse about not having time. I can get up in the mornings, work out early, have lunch with hubby, then head to work... what a way to end the Sizzlin Hot By Summer challenge... with a week full of workouts at the base gym...

Well, there you have it... my three day weekend. Not a total lost cause. I got a lot of things done that I needed and wanted to get done. Spent time with my family, and just enjoyed the time off which was desperately needed...

Tweak of the Week: Achieve Weight-Loss Goals

Just sharing another eDiets article I received today... Hope everyone is havingi a great start to their new week.

I'll update about myself in a few...



Tuesday, May 12, 2009
By Shawn McKee, Staff Writer

The difference between a goal and a dream is planning. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds by your birthday with diet and exercise, we can help you do that. If your dream is to have a body like Giselle Bundchen, marry a millionaire quarterback and be a princess, well, we probably can't help you with that.

Stop dreaming about losing weight and getting healthy, and start doing it. Tweak of the Weak sat down with eDiets' top experts to help you set realistic, specific goals to help you get the body you've always dreamt of.

The Long and Short of It
"Many of us make a goal to lose weight, but don’t think about the steps it takes to get there," explains eDiets Director of Nutrition Services Pamela Ofstein.

"Having short-term goals -- like a small change in daily or weekly behavior -- reinforces that you can do it and gets you that much closer to your long-term goal. Each time you achieve a short-term goal, you can move on to the next one, keeping you motivated and striving to reach the ultimate goal of weight loss and healthy living."

Pam recommends using these short-term goals to build momentum for your long-term goal. Make behavioral changes that will help you feel good about accomplishing them, at the same time aiding in your ultimate weight-loss goal. She suggests things like bringing a healthy lunch or snack every day for a week, eating a balanced breakfast for a week or giving up soda for a day.

Small achievements can lead to big results. eDiets Chief Fitness Pro Raphael Calzadilla echoes these sentiments:

"A short-term goal allows a person to achieve an immediate success, as well as the physical and emotional satisfaction that goes along with it. They key to long-term goal success is creating short-term goals all along the way."

Let's Get Goaling!
"Goals must be S.M.A.R.T -- Specific, Measurable, Realistic and based on a Time frame," Raphael explains.

"The goals can be short and/or long-term, but they must be measurable. Record dates (beginning and ending), as well as anything that's quantifiable and important to you such as scale weight, body composition, percentage of strength increases, duration of cardio sessions or participation in athletic or special events."

Raphael recommends limiting yourself to three goals at a time to keep you focused and your goals manageable. You'll definitely need a plan of action to achieve your fitness goals, so he suggests you find exercise that is enjoyable so you can stick with it.

Raphael's Dos and Don'ts of Goal Setting

Examples of how NOT to set goals:
1. I will get in good shape this year.
2. I will get to my goal weight.

The above goals are too general. There is no way to measuring them, a lack of specificity and vague time frames.

Examples of how to set goals:
1. Decrease from 200 pounds to 170, for a total of 30 pounds. Average fat loss of 1.25 pounds per week. Start June 1, 2009 and achieve goal by Dec 1, 2009.
2. Begin a running program and be able to run one mile in 8 weeks. Begin June 1, 2009 and achieve goal by August 1, 2009.
3. Drop 5 inches off my hips with proper diet and exercise. Begin June 1, 2009 and achieve goal by Sept 30, 2009.

Each if the above is S.M.A.R.T.!

Use your daily and weekly goals to make the behavioral changes necessary to reach your long-term goals. Short-term goals can be simple, but be accomplishing them will give you the confidence you need to achieve the long-term goals that will take more time and effort. You have to celebrate your victories and bounce back from your slip ups.

"Take ownership of your goals," Raphael says. "Contemplate what you want to achieve and think about what you're going to have to sacrifice to get there. Ask yourself how bad do you really want this and visualize what you'll feel like and look like when you hit that goal."

When it comes to losing weight, the more you know, the more you lose. eDiets has more than 20 personalized plans and a team of nutritionists and fitness professionals ready and eager to tackle your extra pounds. Click here to start losing today!

Friday, May 15, 2009

8 Surefire Fat-Burning Tips

Just Sharing another article I received in my email today... Thought this was really really good!...


8 Surefire Fat-Burning Tips
By Raphael Calzadilla, BA, CPT, ACE, RTS1
eDiets Chief Fitness Pro

Sometimes certain moments in our lives leave an unforgettable impression. About 5 years ago, I was up late on a weekend night and watching TV. An infomercial was promoting an exercise machine that could help you achieve your weight-loss goals in 6 minutes a day. Six minutes a day...yeah, right! That infomercial got me thinking about how many people buy into fat loss myths. On the part of the consumer, this has to do with a lack of knowledge and hope for the magical workout and the magical diet. Neither of which exist.

It's not the lack of knowledge on the part of the consumer that bothers me. What bothers me is that there are companies that simply want to prey on your lack of knowledge and your emotional desperation. If you don't know the truth and you're looking for a quick fix, chances are you can be sold just about anything.
The fitness industry is a great place with a lot of knowledgeable people. However, it has its dark side just as any market does. So be cautious about anything that promises a quick fix in just minutes a day.

If you ever see a quick fix promise, always go back to the fundamentals. Fundamentals will never let you down, and they will never lie to you or mislead you.

Today we return to the fundamentals of fat loss. These are the points that always work and never try to sell you a false hope or a false expectation.

There are eight points to consider when attempting to burn body fat.

1. Control Blood Sugar: There is an old saying that fat loss success is 80-percent nutrition. Frankly, I'm not sure what the percentage actually is (no one does). However, based on my experience it's clear to me that it all begins with nutrition. If you don't have your nutrition program "dialed in," you will not achieve success. It doesn't matter how hard or how long you workout. This applies to everyone who starts a diet and fitness program.

Your goal should be to control blood sugar. Controlling blood sugar levels helps to shed fat. This is accomplished by taking in some protein, carbohydrates and good fats spread evenly through the day every two to three hours and by not over eating.

A sample meal schedule might look something like this:

6:30 Breakfast
9:30 Snack
12:30 Lunch
3:30 Snack
6:00 Dinner
9:00 Small Snack

This method will have a profound impact on fat loss. However, don't forget that calories must still be slightly below maintenance.

2. Calories Count. Your goal is to eat as much as possible while still losing fat. For example, if I can get you to lose 1 to 2 pounds of fat per week on 1,400 calories per day, I'm on track. If I try to accelerate the process and lower your calories to 1,200, I sabotage your efforts. Anything more than a 2-pound loss per week will strip muscle tissue and give one a soft look.

A good example is the person who goes on a crash diet and ends up thin but still soft and flabby when they get to their goal weight. This takes place because they lost not only fat, but also valuable muscle. They lowered calories too much, lost at too fast of a rate and did not try to eat the optimal amount of calories for fat loss.

Still, don't think the correct amount of calories matter? I receive many emails from people who have been on low-calorie diets. Many complain that after four to five weeks of weight loss, they hit a sticking point.

Why does this happen? The T3 (thyroid hormone) and body temperature are reduced. It's subtle and you may not realize that body temperature is reduced, but that will slow down the speed of the metabolism. To avoid this slow down, a slight increase in calories is essential. This helps to increase and optimize thyroid levels.

I'm not suggesting everyone should increase calories if they hit a sticking point. In many cases, some people aren't being consistent, or their diet isn't as low calorie as they think. Again, eat the optimal amount of food to lose fat.

3. Eat Breakfast. A balanced breakfast comprised of carbohydrates, protein, and a little fat is a critical start to the day. The point of consuming breakfast is that it breaks the fast from an overnight sleep. In addition, breakfast will rev the metabolism for the rest of the day. This is your first opportunity of the day to get blood sugar back to a balanced state after the all night fast and is critical for sustaining fat loss.

Ratios count! A calorie is not a calorie. Do you know those people who tell you to simply lower your calories to lose fat? The people who never mention protein, carbohydrates or fats? They're wrong.

Protein, carb and fat ratios are important. The correct ratios (which can vary depending on an individual's response to food) help to stabilize blood sugar levels, which helps to increase energy and fat loss. Generally, 40 percent to 50 percent of carbohydrates, 25 percent to 30 percent protein and 20 percent to 30 percent of healthy fats is the best starting place.

Carbs are necessary for energy and not the enemy everyone makes them out to be. The key is how much you consume. Protein is also critical to build and retain muscle tissue, which in turn helps to burn more fat.

Finally, good dietary fats are extremely important. They help to balance hormonal levels, increase strength and create satiety (fullness). If you're looking for a plan that takes this into account I recommend eDiets GI plan (Glycemic Impact Diet).

5. Weight Training To affect muscle versus fat ratios you have to train with weights or perform some type of resistance training. An intense weight workout lasting no more than 60 minutes is the most efficient route to go. You don't have to workout with a bodybuilding routine, but you do need to work the entire body approximately three alternate days per week.

6. Cardio. Cardio should be approached as a tool to lose fat. It should not be used as a never ending event in the hope that all body fat will magically burn off. Excessive cardio is counter productive and will burn not only fat but also valuable muscle tissue.

If fat loss is not taking place, increase the intensity of your session, not the time. The key is to perform all that is necessary and no more than that. This is accomplished by incorporating interval cardio training (integrating slower levels of intensity for several minutes with very high levels for several minutes). Intervals are great for boosting the metabolism and creating more of a post caloric burn (calories burned 24 hours after the workout.

Many people think they need to perform two hours of cardio per day. Nothing could be further from the truth. Start with a realistic amount of cardio per day and then add to it by five minutes or switch to intervals if you haven't lost body fat in two weeks. This is assuming that you're eating enough calories.

7. Water Intake From the standpoint of water intake and fat loss, you want to be in a position where the liver is converting stored fat to energy. The liver has other functions, but this is one of its main jobs. Unfortunately, another of the liver's duties is to pick up the slack for the kidneys, which need plenty of water to work properly (more than most people realize).

If the kidneys are water-deprived, the liver has to do the work of the kidneys along with its own (lowering its total productivity in the process). The liver then can't metabolize fat as quickly or efficiently. If you allow this to happen, you're setting yourself up to store fat because you've made the liver less efficient at turning stored body fat to energy.

Usually if you multiply .55 times your weight, that should be enough in ounces of water to suffice. Water is the underrated fat-loss tool.

8. Discipline This is the seldom used word in the fitness industry. As I mentioned earlier, you'll read a lot about the new magic workout, the new magic diet, the machine that's sure to burn fat off your butt, etc. It's all a bunch of nonsense.

It's about doing the right thing and the hard thing at times. One day of discipline leading to another day of discipline. You build your body and your mind simultaneously. Without this, every point I've made above is fruitless. The good thing is anyone can do it if they choose to.

Need more information about fitness? Join eDiets and visit Raphael's support group (Fitness for You) for interactive support! We all know fitness is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle...let Raphael and eDiets help you on your way!

A drug-free competitive bodybuilder and winner of the prestigious WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Pro Card, Raphael Calzadilla is a veteran of the health-and-fitness industry. He specializes in a holistic approach to body transformation, nutrition programs and personal training. He earned his B.A. in communications from Southern Connecticut State University and is certified as a personal trainer with ACE and APEX. In addition, he successfully completed the RTS1 program based on biomechanics.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy Busy Day....

Today was one heck of a day... our DM is visiting, possibly with his boss tomorrow so the day was spent cleaning, straightening, organizing, throwing out anything that was not needed... moving merchandise around and just MOVING all day long! And to top all that off, we had TWO trucks too!

I food choices were not all that great today but I'm pretty sure I burned the calories as I did a workout tonight at home too... Less than two weeks left until the Sizzlin Hot By Summer challenge comes to an end... I really want to see a big difference in my before and after pics of the challenge. Being my goal was and is to tone the muscle I have and not so much loose weight (though, I have still lost more fat, but have gained muscle it balances out) I think I am doing pretty good.

I can really see a difference. Mostly in my arms and the feelings in my abs... not so sure I notice it in my legs though. I think my legs are still screaming MORE But, I like the way my legs look so if I don't burn or loose more of the fat there, I think I'm still ok... I've pretty much always had decently shaped legs.

Today's Body Blessings...

B: Southern Chicken Biscuit, Hash Brown, OJ (DD missed the bus again so I had no time to eat at home)

L: Italian Sub, mozz. cheese sticks

D: New York Strip, 1/2 Baked Potato, Green Beans, 5 olives

S: Sunflower Seeds, Cashew Salty & Chewy Granola Bar

Today's Workout...

Besides work...

35 minutes with the Fitness Magazine 4 Week All-Over Makeover DVD

A bit of standing ab crunches, bends, etc. this morning while getting ready for work.

What An Honor... Thank You Sheila.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I am honored to accept this Super Blogger Award given to me by Sheila. She has been such and inspiration to me also and I’m so glad that she found my Xanga Blog a few months ago.

Here are the "rules" with this award:

• Tape the award somewhere on your blog
• Pass it along to 5 fellow super bloggers, and comment on their blog to let them know how lucky they are today!
• When you present your Super Blogger awards, link back to the super blogger who gave it to you.

I agree with Martha, there is so many bloggers that have inspired me along during the challenge that I would love to recognize them all. Since some have already been tagged with the award, I’m going to pass it along to a few that have not yet received it also… But please know, Everyone on the Sizzlin Hot by Summer Challenge deserves this award!

So, the Five Super Bloggers I am choosing are…

Sheila @ Sheila’s personal blog as it was through her personal blogging that she found me (well, over on Xanga) and her words were so uplifting and encouraging I followed her over here to Blogger

Laura @ Laura always has such a positive attitude and a fellow Spark friend too… With an attitude like hers, she is sure to reach her goals in no time…

Christine @ With all that life has to throw at us, Christine keeps a positive attitude and works hard each and every day to reach her goals.

Melisa @ Melisa’s sheer determination to become healthy sure did show when she was faced with a business trip. She made the choices she needed to get her workouts in, eat healthy and keep her focus on her journey to become healthy.

Jarad @ What an inspiration! With 70.4 lbs already gone, Jared is working toward his own goal of being healthy and… to walk 12 million steps!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Been MIA concerning my blog posts...

I've not posted my blog the last few days...other than to share a recipe and a couple of articles I received in my email from eDiets.

My last couple of days have been pretty good since my terrible Saturday night BBQ where I ate way too much. I did cut back some on Sunday, but probably still above my calorie intake.

I have not yet done any more working out since I had to work Saturday then went straight to the BBQ and we were gone most of the day on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were truck days at work, so that is where I got my physical activity. An 805 piece truck on Monday... again, lots of lawn mowers, grills, and patio furniture so it was a good workout. Yesterday brought 2 applience trucks again... the second was mostly refrigerators, ranges, and 7 garden another good workout. Got my bending, lifting, squating, etc. in while uncrating tractors and hauling the pallets from them over to the wood pile...

I have started to notice one of my favorite feelings about strength training... Some of the guys at work think I am totally weird because I LOVE the feeling of working my abs. They just feel so tight and strong all the time. Even if I am not working out, I can feel the tightness of them. It's an awesome feeling knowing that my body is starting to tone up and be stonger again.

I've also started to notice the muscle tone in my arms a lot more now too... a lot less jiggle in back. One of the things I have been trying to do at work which I think helps, is that I am actually bending my elbow more as I dolly off the appliences so that my upper arms are being flexed and used more to hold the merchandise. Normally, I would keep my arms straight down and the weight was pulling more on my shoulders. I think this slight change is making a big difference in my muscle tone too.

I've been thinking about doing my pics again... just kinda anxious to see how much change I have actually had since the challange began, but I think I will hold off two more weeks...

What a great Birtday present this challange is giving me... my muscle tone, energy, and self confidence back! The end date of our challange is my Birthday! May 27... and I will be 40 years old but I still feel for the most part like I'm in my 20's! WOW...

Thanks to each and every one of you for the encouragement, support, and motivation you offer. Each challanger in their own way really helps in motivating each other. You gals ROCK!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weight Loss Check List...

Another article I thought I would share with you all...

1. Have you stocked your kitchen for healthy cooking?

The key to a healthy nutrition plan is having everything you need to put together a healthy meal or snack when hunger strikes. Make a few simple substitutions:

-- Replace ice cream, cookies and other sweets with low-fat versions of those foods, and fill the fridge with fruits and vegetables.

-- Replace dairy products with low-fat versions of the same items.

-- Instead of ground beef, pork and other high-fat meats, purchase leaner cuts, such as sirloin, pork tenderloin and white-meat poultry.

-- Replace condiments like mayonnaise with spicy mustards, flavored vinegars and fruit chutneys.

-- Stock up on herbs and spices to add flavor to your meals, and you won't need oil or added fats.
-- Swap beverages like soda and high-sugar juices for calorie-free seltzer, bottled water or 100-percent juice with no added sugar.

-- Trade cooking oils for fat-free butter-flavor cooking spray and butter or margarine for reduced-fat spreads

2. Have you made plans for a regular workout?

If you think you'll just fall into a pattern of exercise, think again. Starting a new fitness routine requires some advanced preparation:

-- Sign up for a gym membership or dance class, or map out your walking routine.

-- Purchase exercise clothes, walking shoes, free weights, fitness tapes or pedometers that you might need.

-- Find some motivating music to listen to while you work out.

-- Sit down with your Palm Pilot or day planner and schedule exercise into your day. Choose five days out of your week and one hour each day (30 to 45 minutes for cardio, time for stretching and strength training for each major muscle group at least twice a week). Write it in pen and you'll be less likely to schedule something else during that time.

3. Have you made a commitment to prepare more meals at home?

Dining out five or more times a week can make losing weight next to impossible with portion sizes and ingredients beyond your control. Take back control with a few simple strategies:

-- If you typically skip breakfast or grab something on the run, you need to start thinking about healthy breakfast options that you can eat at home or pack and bring to work that will save both calories and money. Try pre-packaged Amy's breakfast burritos; energy bars, low-fat yogurt with a banana or oranges; a pre-packaged muffin with low-fat yogurt; a small container of cottage cheese with berries, etc.

-- Plan for packed lunches. Get some small plastic containers and brown bags, then stock up on low-fat frozen entrees and other portable lunch options. (You'll find plenty of tempting ideas on our meal plans.)

-- Make a chart on the fridge for fast food and tally how many times you eat it each week. Try to keep that number to less than three.

4. Have you come up with a system to keep track of your daily water intake?
If you aren't already drinking 8 to 12 glasses a day, you'll need to figure out how you're going to squeeze them in each day. Here are a few options:

-- Fill a two-quart pitcher each morning and keep it in the fridge. Try to finish the pitcher by the end of the day.

-- Purchase a one-liter (slightly more than a quart) bottle to bring to work and fill it up twice a day.

-- Tape a piece of paper to your desk and mark off each glass you drink.

NOTE: the next question is a eDiets advertisment for their site...

5. Have you checked out your meal plan options?

If you answered YES to this or any other question, great job! So... what's next?

If you're an eDiets member, remember to log in to check your weekly menus and recipes for an exciting variety of meal choices, and boost your chances of staying on track by logging in and participating in our interactive Community and support boards!

And even if you're not an eDiets member, why not take some more quizzes -- like our Random Food Trivia Quiz or Nutritional Supplement Quiz? Have fun... and learn at the same time!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chicken Melon Salad

This is one of my summertime favorites. It's a recipe I got from my Grandmother.

Chicken-Melon Salad

3 cups boiled chicken breast, skin removed and diced
2-1/2 cups seedless white grapes, halved
2 cups diced celery
1-1/2 c Miracle Whip Light (or Free)
2 Tablespoons Milk
1-1/2 teaspoons chili sauce
1-1/2 teaspoons curry powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1-1/2 cantaloupes
Lettuce Leaves

Early in the day or 2 hours before serving combine chicken, grapes, and celery. With blender at low speed, blend mayo, milk, chili sauce, curry powder, & salt until smooth. Poor over chicken mixture. Mix until well coated. Cover & Chill.

10 minutes before serving, cut melons into wedges--remove seeds and rinds. Place wedges on lettuce leaves on individual serving plates. Spoon Chicken Salad on top of wedges and lettuce.

Serves 6

Serve with hot rolls or assorted crackers.

Sluggish and Sleepy....

Man oh Man... I think I figured out why for so long I was sluggish, sleepy, and just not motivated to do anything at all.

I started my day off pretty good yesterday morning, headed to work, then came home afterward, finished the salad and got ready to head to the Guy's Poker Night/BBQ at one of hubby's co-workers homes so hubby could play poker and I hang out with the wives.

Well, I ate WAY too much last night... 2 burgers loaded with veggies, wings, salad, chips, Alfredo. Then on top of that, there was no diet pop (hubby drank it all with his Vodka) so I drank two cans of regular Pepsi. I felt so bloated and miserable afterward.

We had a great time hanging out and sharing stories... I'll have to tell you about one of the girls blonde moments... oh, my gosh. If I ever though myself or my niece was a blonde, well this girl takes the cake...

This spouse's hubby is deployed and he called her one day and they got to talking about the Swine Flu.

She says to him, "Yeah, I've been watching it on Fox News, but I think they've got it all wrong".

When questioned by her hubby about what she meant, she responded with "They keep showing pictures of Pigs".

His response, "and just what do you think swine is"?

To which she replies... "A Big White Bird"...

So her hubby has to explain to her, "No, that would be a swan. Swine is pigs."

To which she responds, "I have only heard of them (pigs) being called bacon or ham"...

Needless to say, all of us spouses got a HUGE laugh out of her blonde moment. We had such a great time. This is actually the first time I have ever really enjoyed hanging out with the spouses (It's actually my second Poke night attending). Any other time they have had get together, it's usually the Spouses meeting where they talk business, or it's a drink fest which I have no interest in at all. So, being able to hang out and just talk, joke around, and just have fun is quite refreshing.

We finally got home somewhere between 12:30 and 1:00 AM... I think, I really do not remember. Got home and headed straight to bed where I laid there tossing and turning most of the night as I was so uncomfortable from all the junk food I ate.

Upon getting up this morning, I came down stairs to find a Mother's Day card on my computer from hubby. I opened it, thanked him, then watched the race from last night with him as he recoded it to watch today since we were gone last night.

I laid on the couch half asleep most of the morning as I still felt terrible. Drew told me that we were going to head to The Grand International for Mother's Day lunch. It's one of the "nicer" hotels in town. Far from some of the nicest hotels I've been too, but the food and service was pretty good. I started off with a salad, and a large serving of veggies as I knew I needed fiber. I also had Prime Rib, 2 small Red Potatoes, 1 wheat dinner roll, and a small piece of Chicken Kiev. Then since it was Mother's Day, I did go to the dessert table with my daughter and got a small chocolate brownie and a dish of strawberry mousse. The strawberry mousse though was too much. Way too sweet and rich for my liking. The brownie was delicious though!

We then went for a ride. I could barely keep my eyes open I was so tired, I tried to sleep, but the headrest on the new truck is just way too uncomfortable for me with the angle of the tilt it has. I so need to buy a neck roll for in the truck when we go on long rides.

Upon getting home, I went upstairs and took a nice long nap. Probably 2-3 hours. Woke up just in time for dinner. Hubby went to the commissary and bought New York Strips to grill, fixed some okra, and Au gratin potatoes. Yummy. Then, he washed dishes afterword since it was Mother's Day and he wanted me to have the evening of doing dishes off.

So, now that this weekend is about over, I have realized something. Too much food, junk food, non-diet pops really wreck havoc on my system. I need to steer clear of them or at least limit my intakes...

Now it's off to drink some more water to continue flushing my system...

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad

1 bunch raw broccoli
2 c. cauliflower florets
1 c. sunflower seeds
1 lb. bacon, cooked to a crisp
1 sm. red onion
1 c. Miracle Whip Lite (or Free) salad dressing
1/4 c. Splenda
2 tbsp. vinegar
1 c. raisins (Optional, I omit as hubby won't eat them)

Wash broccoli and trim off heavy stalks. Use the tender florets for this salad. Wash cauliflower, trim, and use florets for salad. Coarsely chop red onion. Combine in large bowl.

Stir together Miracle Whip salad dressing, Splenda, and vinegar together until creamy; add 1/2 of dressing mix to the vegetables. Stir well; refrigerate over night.

Just before serving, add chopped bacon, sunflower seeds, raisins if desired, and remaining salad dressing.

A Successful Day for sure...

Well, I did not get everything done I wanted to around the house. I think I just had too many things I wanted to do, but too many things to do before I could get done what I wanted to.

However, I did accomplish quite a bit. Laundry is almost done. I've washed the rugs and shower curtain from my master bath, still need to replace them though...but I didn't get any further in there other than the laundry removed.

I did get to the commissary today and bought more of my healthy snacks, divided them all up into snack sized baggies and placed them all into my basket which sits on my veggie bin. I made my meat loaves... only instead of loaves, I made them into burgers and will eat them on a whole wheat bun for my lunches at work. I am in the process of making the twice baked tators now. Smaller one's are done baking, but the larger one's need to cook a bit longer before I can scoop out the pulp, mash them up and add the garlic, cheese, and sour cream to them. I also started the salad for the guys poker night / BBQ that is at one of Drew's co-workers house tomorrow evening. I'll have to share that recipe with you all. It's so yummy, and made with Miracle Whip Light (or Free) and Splenda, it's not that bad for you.

I was up before my alarm went off this morning but was in no way motivated to go to the gym. However, I knew that if I did not go early, I would put it off and not go at all. So, after getting up, checking my boards, email, & such, I changed into my workout clothes and headed to the gym. I planned on only doing 30 minutes but did 45 once I got into watching Rachael Ray on the TV. I didn't push myself today since I really didn't want to be there anyway for some reason. I tried to walk my usual 4.5 mph but it tended to burn in the shins so I kept it to around 3 and 3.5 mph max. I still worked up a sweat, heart rate was within the fat burn range, so when all was said and done, I did good.

Later in the day, I decided I wanted to do some strength training so I pulled out the Fitness Magazine DVD 4 Week All-Over Makeover. Man, I just do not have good balance. I really figured my daughter, who came in from school about the time I started, would laugh her butt off at me trying to balance on one leg while doing the weight lifting workout per the instructions on the dvd. Only comment she had was when she asked me why I was standing on a pillow. She didn't laugh, but she kept talking to me so I couldn't count my reps...LOL. Do you know just how hard it is to stand on a pillow, on one leg second leg bent backward, lean forward at waist and move arms in a range as if you were going to run... talk about hard! Probably harder to explain it than it is to do it...LOL.

After working out to the DVD the other day, I was sure feeling it yesterday in the butt & legs. Man did it ever burn.. a good burn, but burned none the less. Today was quite a bit better, other than when I tried to up it on the treadmill.

Well, that's a rundown of my day.

Today's Body Blessing...

B: ooops, skipped it.
L: 2 Manwich Sandwiches, tator tots
D: Beef/Veggie Stir Fry with Rice
Today's Workout...
45 minutes on Treadmill, various inclines/speeds
262 calories burned
2.57 miles
3.4 average speed
35 minutes strength training with the Fitness Magazine DVD, 4 Week All-Over Makeover
If you are interested in trying the 4 Week All Over Makeover, go to this link (you may have to register with to do so) and give it a shot. It's AWESOME!

Bikini Season Is Coming!

Here is a pretty good 6 minute video to do a fast pace cardio workout. We all have 6 minutes to spare each this would be a good workout to use to just take a break from everyday stresses...



5 Simple Changes for Success...

5 Simple Changes for Success
By eDiets Staff

Nutritionist Susan Burke weighs in on five simple changes you can make. Doing these can lead to weight loss without really trying.

5. Jilt the juice: Although juice has more nutrition than soda, it's got the identical amount of calories per glass. Unless you're trying to gain weight, eat your fruit instead of drinking it. Eliminate one glass of juice per day and earn 150 calories.

4. Omit the oil: Although olive oil is a better choice than mayonnaise or creamy salad dressings, all are very similar in terms of calories. Instead of adding 1/4 cup (4 tablespoons) of olive oil to your tossed salad, mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar and whisk in fresh or dried herbs like rosemary, basil and thyme and a dash each of salt and pepper. Eliminate 2 tablespoons of added olive oil and earn 240 calories.

3. Minus the mayo: Log on to any of the major fast-food franchises that have interactive Web sites (Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's, etc.) and see what happens when you add and subtract mayonnaise. For example, on BK's website, a grilled chicken sandwich automatically comes slathered with mayo. Just click to leave it off and presto, see the calories reduce. For every tablespoon of mayonnaise you eliminate on your sandwich, earn 110 calories.

2. Boost the fiber: Make an effort to eat raw, crunchy vegetables, for a smart and filling snack, and to increase your intake of vegetables. You really can't eat too much of the crunchy stuff! Crunchy veggies are so full of fiber and water that a full cup of green beans, for example, has less than 40 calories. Snack on raw carrots, celery, radishes, mushrooms, spinach and broccoli. If you like, lightly steam by cooking for a few minutes, covered, in the microwave and then sprinkle with just a bit of butter granules (zero calories) or serve with tomato salsa. Eat as much as you like of raw or slightly steamed crunchy veggies; you don't have to "earn" these with increased activity.

pagebreak 1. Forget Fried: The difference between a fried chicken breast and a broiled one can trip you up if you're trying to lose weight. One "original" recipe KFC chicken breast has 370 calories. A Chick-fil-A chargrilled chicken sandwich has only 270 calories, and Boston Market does it right... their quarter-rotisserie chicken (no skin) has only 250 calories. Forget the fried chicken and earn 120 calories by opting for skinless breast.

Grand total earned with the top five changes: 620 calories You've created a deficit of 620 calories without deprivation or even any exertion!

Since theoretically it takes approximately an excess of 3,500 calories to gain a pound, you'd have to create a deficit of the same amount to lose a pound. Just make permanent these modifications and lose weight naturally.

By the way...To burn 620 calories you'd have to (for a 150-pound person):

Row, stationary, vigorously for 1 hour.
Bicycle, stationary, vigorously for 1.2 hours.
Do calisthenics, vigorously, for 1 hour.
Run, 5 miles per hour, for 1 hour.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can You Cheat and Still Loose?

By eDiets Staff

Cheating on a diet is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to success or failure. If you can handle those inevitable lapses, you will be overcoming an important obstacle. It is in this area of mistakes -- otherwise known as cheats -- where dieters' attempts can live or die.

Do you have what it takes to turn a cheat into a tool for weight-loss success?

Answer these questions and find out.


1. Can you pick up and go on with your diet after a cheat?
2. Do you stop to consider the circumstances surrounding a cheat?
3. Can you accept yourself as not being perfect on a diet?
4. Do you forgive yourself for a lapse?
5. Can you keep one cheat from leading you to another?
6. Do you believe that personal change is a process?
7. Do you think you will still be able to change the way you eat, even though you cheat sometimes?
8. Do you think mistakes are part of learning something new?
9. Can you avoid feeling like a failure because of a slip?
10. Do you think that changing your behavior might take more than one attempt?
11. Can you hold on to your self-confidence, even after a cheat?
12. Can you forgive yourself for having less willpower at times?
13. Do you know how to include dealing with cheats in your weight-loss plan of action?
14. Can you avoid going on to the next diet just because of a cheat?
15. Can you avoid feeling guilty about a lapse?
16. Can you view a cheat as a small thing and not a catastrophe?
17. Do you know how to learn about yourself from your cheats?
18. Do you pay attention to what you do after you cheat?
19. Can you keep one cheating episode from turning into a total pig-out?
20. Do you still have hope after a cheat?

If you have more YES answers than NO answers, your chances of sticking with it, even though you cheat sometimes, are very good.

If you have more NO answers than YES answers, you may be in danger of letting a cheat lead to a total collapse of your diet. Work on understanding your cheating episodes as much as possible -- when they happen, why they happen, how often they happen. Use this knowledge and you won't have to give up just because you cheat.

"Keep Working Out..."

"Because I know you have to be working out"... that's what a customer told me today... LOL. It was an elderly gentleman purchasing a pressure washer and needed help loading it into his Cadillac. Well, it would not fit into his trunk, so he wanted to try putting it in his back seat. I had to have him put the window down so I had "elbow room" as I just could not get enough room to set it in there... but I did. I thought it was kinda funny when he told me to keep working out as he knew I had to be...

You know, I get that from so many people. They see me and think (and some will actually SAY it) "You are going to load that refrigerator, washer, etc., etc." Many have even suggested I go get a guy to help me as they can't believe that a woman can do it...LOL. They are pretty shocked when I actually load the merchandise myself or with their help.

Today was an extremely busy day again. Two appliance trucks plus the softlines/tools truck. I worked offloading trucks for 7-1/2 hours of my 8-3/4 hour shift. Then I had the SNC all day and was VERY busy with customer pick-ups too. I was, needless to say, beat when I clocked out an hour later than scheduled and headed down to Grizzly's Steakhouse with hubby for dinner.

Because one of my associates has returned back from going active duty with the Army Reserves, we put her on the schedule this week, putting me over hours on my team schedule, so I have decided to take my second day off and not actually work it as originally scheduled. So, tomorrow is planned out for me to get some things done around home... one of which is to make some lunches for me to take to work. I want to make some single serving meat loaves to freeze up, maybe some small twice baked potatoes to take also. That will be a nice meal for my late nights. I was planning on making more soup, but I still have 4 bowls left, so think I will wait a bit for that.

I am also planning on getting some spring cleaning done. I really need to dig deep in my master bathroom and bedroom and get it cleaned. It's been neglected the last month or so because of my heavy work schedule. Maybe I will head up there tonight and get the laundry all brought down and sorted beforehand so that when I get up in the morning, I can just start the washer... sounds like a good plan! The rest of the house shouldn't really take much... a good vacuuming, dusting, and mop my floors. Not a lot of clutter to worry about in the rest of the house. Just the shining everything up...

Today's Body Blessings...
B: Asparagus & Mozz. Cheese Omelet
L: Italian Sub from Arby's, 6 mozz. cheese sticks with marina sauce
D: Apple Pecan Salad with Grilled Chicken and a raspberry dressing(but, just realized, they put grapes on it rather than apples...but it was still yummy!)
Today's Workout...
7 1/2 hours of offloading trucks and running Merchandise Pick-Up.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

14 Superfoods we all need...

Just sharing another artical I read today on webmd...

'Superfoods' Everyone Needs

Experts say dozens of easy-to-find 'superfoods' can help ward off heart disease, cancer, cholesterol, and more.

By Susan SeligerWebMD Feature
Reviewed by Charlotte E. Grayson Mathis, MD

Imagine a superfood -- not a drug -- powerful enough to help you lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, and, for an added bonus, put you in a better mood. Did we mention that there are no side effects? You'd surely stock up on a lifetime supply. Guess what? These life-altering superfoods are available right now in your local supermarket.

"The effect that diet can have on how you feel today and in the future is astounding," says nutritionist Elizabeth Somer, author of Nutrition for aHealthy Pregnancy, Food & Mood, and The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals.

"Even people who are healthy can make a few tweaks and the impact will be amazing," Somer says. "I'd say that 50% to 70% of suffering could be eliminated by what people eat and how they move: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension can all be impacted."

You don't need specific foods for specific ailments. A healthy diet incorporating a variety of the following superfoods will help you maintain your weight, fight disease, and live longer. One thing they all have in common: "Every superfood is going to be a 'real' (unprocessed) food," Somer points out. "You don't find fortified potato chips in the superfood category."

Top Superfoods Offering Super Health Protection

Tea (green or black)

Blueberries -- Antioxidant Superfood
Packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids, these berries are also high in potassium and vitamin C, making them the top choice of doctors and nutritionists. Not only can they lower your risk of heart disease and cancer, they are also anti-inflammatory.

"Inflammation is a key driver of all chronic diseases, so blueberries have a host of benefits," says Ann Kulze, MD, of Charleston, S.C., author of Dr. Ann's 10-Step Diet, A Simple Plan for Permanent Weight Loss & Lifelong Vitality. When selecting berries, note that the darker they are, the more anti-oxidants they have. "I tell everyone to have a serving (about 1/2 cup) every day," Dr. Kulze says. "Frozen are just as good as fresh." Be sure to include lots of other fruits and vegetables in your diet as well. Remember too that, in general, the more color they have, the more antioxidants.

Omega 3-Rich Fish -- Superfoods for the Heart, Joints, and Memory

"We know that the omega 3s you get in fish lower heart disease risk, help arthritis, and may possibly help with memory loss and Alzheimer's," Somer says. "There is some evidence to show that it reduces depression as well."

Omega-3s are most prevalent in fatty, cold-water fish: Look for wild (not farmed) salmon, herring, sardines, and mackerel. Aim for two-to-three servings a week. Other forms of omega 3s are available in fortified eggs, flax seed, and walnuts. These superfoods have the added benefit of being high in monounsaturated fats, which can lower cholesterol.

Soy -- Superfood to Lower Cholesterol

A study reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association (2003) showed that a diet of soy fiber, protein from oats and barley, almonds, and margarine from plant sterols lowered cholesterol as much as statins, the most widely prescribed cholesterol medicine. "Look for tofu, soy milk, or edamame -- not soy powder," says Somer. In other words, soy sauce won't do the trick. One caveat: If you have a family history of breast cancer it is not recommended that you eat extra soy.

Fiber -- Superfood Aids Weight Loss and Checks Cholesterol

A diet high in fiber will help you maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. As a bonus, because fiber helps you feel full longer, it's a great tool in weight management. Whole grains, beans, fruit, and vegetables are all good sources. Try throwing some beans in your salad, recommends Kulze. "Fresh, frozen, or dried are the best. You can use canned, but they tend to be higher in sodium," Kulze warns.

Tea -- Superfood for Lowering Cholesterol and Inhibiting Cancer

"The overall antioxidant power of black tea is the same as green tea," says Kulze, "but green tea does have ECGC, a powerful antioxidant that we really do think is quite special." A recent Japanese study on green tea found that men who drank green tea regularly had lower cholesterol than those who didn't. Researchers in Spain and the United Kingdom have also shown that ECGC can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. For a double health whammy, replace sugary sodas with tea.


OK, OK, you know the drill: Calcium helps build strong bones and prevents osteoporosis. Look for it in dairy products or supplements. Added bonus: Some studies show that calcium helps with weight loss. Here are the calcium levels recommended for adults by the USDA:

Age 9 to 18 -- 1,300 mg
Age 19 to 50 -- 1,000 mg
Age 51 and over -- 1,200 mg

And Finally, the Yummiest Superfood Yet ... Dark Chocolate

New research has shown that dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and can lower blood pressure. Kulze recommends that you look for chocolate with 60% or higher cocoa content; the darker, the better. In addition, the darker it is, the lower the fat and sugar content. Now that's our kind of health food!

Published February 2007.

Early Post for today...

I was a bit up this morning for weigh in but as I mentioned last night, I'm not concerned about it. I'm still at my goal weight and I have had a busy week with heavy lifting at work, worked the treadmill 2x and harder than usual... plus I have done some strength training here at, the weight gain in form of lean muscle is much expected...and what I would really like for me now that I have lost the weight.

I thought about getting up early today and heading to the gym, but it was so nice just snoozing a bit longer in bed. My body has been put through a lot of work this week so I really did need it. I was still up before 8:00 this morning that was good. Fixed myself some breakfast...or should I say a lunch as it was more a lunch meal than breakfast... then checked my boards, email, etc.

Shortly before 10:00, I decided to give the new DVD a try that came with my Fitness Magazine this month. That was a nice surprise to get it free with the magazine subscription. Was not sure if it was part of the promotion with a paid subscription or if they just decided to throw it into everyone's May Issue. Either way, it was a GREAT workout though there was No Warm-Up or Cool Down. It is a strength training DVD targeting abs, arms, butt, and thighs. It did three sets of each exercise, only each set was a bit more challenging. Either by adding weights, a push up, or changing the position of your hand or balancing on a pillow, rolled up workout mat or towel. This is definitely another keeper on the list of home workouts...

Hubby just called and we are going to go out for lunch before I have to head to work for my 3:00 to 9:15 shift tonight. Think I will stick to my Buffalo chicken's so yummy. And really, I don't think it is really high in calories. They go fairy light on the cheese and the corn chips... and I gotta have a bit of dairy and a bit of carbs at each meal. Probably the worse part is the high sodium content in the chicken. I'll have to counteract that by drinking lots of water today to flush the sodium out of the system so I do not feel so bloated.

Hope everyone had a great weigh in this week... and if you didn't, please do not get discouraged. We are all doing an awesome job and I am so proud of each and everyone of you in the Sizzlin Hot by Summer Challenge. We have all learned so much in the past month about ourselves as we continue along on this journey.

Let's just keep on sharing our good and bad days...encouraging and motivating each other along the way. You gals are AWESOME!