Friday, May 8, 2009

A Successful Day for sure...

Well, I did not get everything done I wanted to around the house. I think I just had too many things I wanted to do, but too many things to do before I could get done what I wanted to.

However, I did accomplish quite a bit. Laundry is almost done. I've washed the rugs and shower curtain from my master bath, still need to replace them though...but I didn't get any further in there other than the laundry removed.

I did get to the commissary today and bought more of my healthy snacks, divided them all up into snack sized baggies and placed them all into my basket which sits on my veggie bin. I made my meat loaves... only instead of loaves, I made them into burgers and will eat them on a whole wheat bun for my lunches at work. I am in the process of making the twice baked tators now. Smaller one's are done baking, but the larger one's need to cook a bit longer before I can scoop out the pulp, mash them up and add the garlic, cheese, and sour cream to them. I also started the salad for the guys poker night / BBQ that is at one of Drew's co-workers house tomorrow evening. I'll have to share that recipe with you all. It's so yummy, and made with Miracle Whip Light (or Free) and Splenda, it's not that bad for you.

I was up before my alarm went off this morning but was in no way motivated to go to the gym. However, I knew that if I did not go early, I would put it off and not go at all. So, after getting up, checking my boards, email, & such, I changed into my workout clothes and headed to the gym. I planned on only doing 30 minutes but did 45 once I got into watching Rachael Ray on the TV. I didn't push myself today since I really didn't want to be there anyway for some reason. I tried to walk my usual 4.5 mph but it tended to burn in the shins so I kept it to around 3 and 3.5 mph max. I still worked up a sweat, heart rate was within the fat burn range, so when all was said and done, I did good.

Later in the day, I decided I wanted to do some strength training so I pulled out the Fitness Magazine DVD 4 Week All-Over Makeover. Man, I just do not have good balance. I really figured my daughter, who came in from school about the time I started, would laugh her butt off at me trying to balance on one leg while doing the weight lifting workout per the instructions on the dvd. Only comment she had was when she asked me why I was standing on a pillow. She didn't laugh, but she kept talking to me so I couldn't count my reps...LOL. Do you know just how hard it is to stand on a pillow, on one leg second leg bent backward, lean forward at waist and move arms in a range as if you were going to run... talk about hard! Probably harder to explain it than it is to do it...LOL.

After working out to the DVD the other day, I was sure feeling it yesterday in the butt & legs. Man did it ever burn.. a good burn, but burned none the less. Today was quite a bit better, other than when I tried to up it on the treadmill.

Well, that's a rundown of my day.

Today's Body Blessing...

B: ooops, skipped it.
L: 2 Manwich Sandwiches, tator tots
D: Beef/Veggie Stir Fry with Rice
Today's Workout...
45 minutes on Treadmill, various inclines/speeds
262 calories burned
2.57 miles
3.4 average speed
35 minutes strength training with the Fitness Magazine DVD, 4 Week All-Over Makeover
If you are interested in trying the 4 Week All Over Makeover, go to this link (you may have to register with to do so) and give it a shot. It's AWESOME!
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