Wednesday, October 29, 2008

5.2 more pounds gone...

Yea! I'm soooo excited. I got up this morning and weighed myself on my scale...scale read 146.4... which puts me at about 6.4 lbs above my goal weight. And, I had my doctor's appointment today for my annual physical and she confirmed my weight as being 146.8 (dressed and after eatting, so not bad)

In actuallity, I guess I really want to gain more weight in muscle though...and loose more weight in FAT to the point I am at 140 lbs. I have lost so much muscle tone since I quit working out faithfully every day... I so need to get back into it. Even thought I am close to my goal weight, I still have a few more "rolls" than I really like. I so need to find me a workout partner here on base to help me stay motivated. I had one girl I was going to go with, but she is in and out of her house here on base as her and her husband have separated. One day she's living in town as she can't stay with her husband, other days she's moved back in as they are going to try working it out. I never know if she is going to around or not.

My workouts have been pretty much at a nill. On occassion, I will lay on my fitness ball and do a few crunches, but that's been about it. I've been so tired after work these days. We continue to get multiple trucks every Tuesday...and we have trucks Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday also. Being the holiday season, they tend to be alot heavier than normal too... On top of all the trucks, I am short staffed. I only have 3 full time associates including myself and 5 part timers that are very limited on their availabilities... and one is leaving as she is being sent TDY with the Army National Guard next week. Needless to say, I've been working one of my days off each week too.

Think I might go post on my Sparkpeople account as well as the spouses group to see if I can find someone that is willing to work out at the gym with me.... Wish me Luck!