Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That FELT Awesome!

Woo Hoo... I just returned from a workout at the gym! First time in probably 5 months I have worked out... and it was AWESOME!

4.1 miles on the treadmill with an average of 3.8 mph and 15 minutes of HEAVY strength training. It feels awesome right now... I feel so energized.

Initially I was going to do half hour on the treadmill and half hour in the weight room...but once I worked through the tightness and pain in the calves and shins, it felt too good to stop so I set it for 50 minutes... it was still feeling GREAT so I decided I wasn't going to stop until I hit 4 miles... so I ended up at 4.1 miles in 65 minutes! Go Me!

Didn't really do a lot in the weight room. Didn't work much of my legs since I did so much on the treadmills... but did do some upper body and back with a couple leg workouts thrown in.

Now to just keep this motivation... I wanna look awesome when I go back into the single life... It would be awesome if I could meet Mr. Right at the gym! A health and fitness buff to help keep me motivated :)

OH... Not sure if I have mentioned one of my goals for when the divorce is final and I move back home... I am soooooo looking into and considering going back to school. I have really enjoyed my journey to become healthy and fit so much that it has been on my mind for 3 years now to get a degree in fitness and help teach and encourage others to make the life style changes they need to reach their health and fitness goals. I think it would be such a rewarding career... not only for myself, but each and every person I am able to help.

Hope everyone is having a Health and Fitness Filled day!