Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Even coaches fall

Confession time: even coaches can fall off track....

I did some meal prep tonight for the next week. I have still been eating fix approved meals, however. I haven't always gotten the right amounts of each container, and I've had a few cheats here and there because I had not planned my days. Planning is so important in making our health and fitness journey a success.

My biggest problem has been getting in my veggies. So tonight I made up my cucumber and tomato salad with Italian seasoning, olive oil, and vinegar dressing  and some homemade pickles (cukes, onion, dill weed, acv, and water). Now I have my snacks prepared (i did well using these as my morning snack before)or sides to eat with my meals if I don't have time to stop for a break while at work.

I also prepped the overnight oatmeal recipe I shared earlier on my Facebook group.  I got into a habit of eating my Greek yogurt, banana, cinnamon, and honey for breakfast usually adding granola too.... then watching TV at night I would make another. Not that it is bad for me, but I need more of a variety and this gives me a heartier first meal of the day.

The oats will help me feel fuller in the mornings, plus I am getting protein with the added shakeology and I'm still getting a serving of fruit. Overall it is a more rounded and a well balanced breakfast to start my day.

I also boiled up some eggs, and will make egg salad out if them tomorrow after my yogurt is done so I can use those for lunches, or a snack. I do like to use it in the mornings on top of toast too for another breakfast option.

Now to figure out what to do with the left over pork and beef roasts. I already have it shredded. Thinking maybe homemade bbq. I found a really good recipe on pinterest a few weeks ago for sloppy joes. May make it up with the roast.

Now that I have a plan, I can get all my containers in and get back on track...

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