Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Transformation Tuesday

Hi, in honor of Transformation Tuesday I thought I would share something with you all that was a turning point for me. Two summers ago, my boyfriend and I had been dating, for about a year and he had yet to see me in a dress. He is old fashion in some ways and remembers as a child, the women in his life always wore dresses. Even the little girls wore cute dresses with bows and buttons. It was our era. The time we grew up in, the time that was a big impression on who we are today.
I left work one day and decided I wanted to surprise him by buying a cute summer dress so I headed to Kohl's.  I grabbed a handful of super cute dresses and excitedly went to the fitting room to try them on. Though the dresses were cute, when I saw myself in the mirror...where was my waist? My arms and shoulders looked fat! My thighs looked huge! I was sooooo upset! I left Kohl's and got in my car on the verge of tears. Instead of buying a dress, I headed straight to the  Walgreens  and bought a bottle of Hydroxycut. Yes, I was THAT disappointed in myself. I tried the Hydroxycut for 2 months and saw no change whatsoever. Then I joined Beachbody... but it still took time for me to find what worked for me...to break past the disappointment in my failure to maintain the hard work I had done  few years prior when I was in an the best shape of my life.
It wasn't until a year ago that Beachbody came out with The 21 Day Fix. That was it. I wanted to try that program.  I felt that was exactly what I needed.  I didn't have the money though...so I waited til the time was right and we could afford it.
The 21 Day Fix was my magic ticket. It is the program that worked for me and thousands of others are finding success too. I lost 25 lbs and my boyfriend lost 35 doing the program with me.
I am attaching a photo of my before and after. The first taken at my nieces wedding, where I was so uncomfortable wearing a dress. The second a couple months later (almost two complete rounds) dressed for my boyfriend's son's wedding. I felt amazing that day!
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