Friday, January 23, 2015

Your Inner Garden

Muscle-Making Meals

Today we are going to visualize making a delicious salad which you toss together from the vegetable garden you planted and tended to all through the spring and summer. Close your eyes as you take a few deep relaxing breaths. Once you feel completely relaxed, you are ready to begin your visualization exercise.

You have just returned home from your local nursery with everything you will need to start your own vegetable garden. You have soil, seeds, seedlings, a shovel, hoe, watering can, and gardening gloves. You slip into a pair of your favorite pair of jeans you have saved for yardwork, cover your body with sunscreen, and grab your favorite wide brimmed hat to cover your head and protect you from the hot, burning, sun.

Feel the sun as it warms your cheeks as you begin with hoeing the soil. Your arms are strong and firm from the workouts you have been committed in doing. As you kneel down to dig a whole to plant the seed or seedling, feel how strong your body feels. You provide gentle care to your vegetable garden, giving it the proper nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. Picture how your garden will look in a few week. Now picture it after a month of loving care. Imagine the vegetables as they grow, ripen, and when they taste delicious.

Just as you tended to your garden with the proper nutrients and water, removing the weeds that slow or halt the growth of your vegetables, As you build your salad, visualize how the nutrients in your vegetables will nourish and fuel your body so that it too can grown strong and healthy.
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