Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Starting Over, Yet Again...

Well, my Nothing To Loose Challenge did not go so well... I gained weight, gained inches in some areas, yet lost in others.

My biggest down fall was hours picked up at work, so not as many days off to go to Curves...well, I could have, but I find it so hard to get up and be there at 6:30 in the morning to go before I take Holly to school, then to have time to shower and make it to work in time. Then on top of that, I injured myself at work... my own fault really as I tend to always think "I'm tougher than I look". Well, the sales people continually sold the car jack sets from the floor rather than the stock room, so needless to say, my doing fill floor, I needed to replenish the floor. I should have had the guys do that for me as each box weighs 74 lbs... half my weight. But instead, I did it myself. The last month I have been paying for it with very sore, knotty muscles between the shoulder blades. Even tried going to Chiropractor...it helped my neck but not between the shoulders.

Today I did attempt a workout at Curves. I wasn't sure I was going to make it around the complete circuit twice... but I kept at it. My heart rate was up, I was sweating up a storm, it burned my leg muscles, and I could really feel the tension between the shoulder blades... so not how my usual workout is. It's usually a good workout, but fairly easy for me. I could definitely tell I had not worked out in a month...

Tomorrow is suppose to be my weigh in at Curves...but it's a busy day for me so won't make it there. Hopefully I can make it up there on Thursday either early morning or after work... I will update my weight and start new. I gotta get back to where I was 3-1/2 years ago. I felt so much better then physically & emotionally. It's totally amazing how feeling healthy and fit can boost one's self confidence.

I did make up a HUGE batch of The Miracle Diet Soup on Monday. Well, kinda. Country Market was out of Cabbage, out of a lot of veggies, so I substituted and added a few carrots, summer squash, and zucchini & I added Chicken Stock rather than just water. No, I am NOT following the diet plan. I do not believe in going 4 days with no meat or very few carbs. So, I am eating mainly a bowl of the soup and fruit in the morning, lunch time, fruit for snacks, then dinner time I have a regular meal... Kinda like the Slimfast diet... Two shakes, two snacks, and a sensible dinner...LOL And, this will only be for one week max. It's just a good way for me to flush my system of all the bad things I have been eating and jump start my progress.

As soon as I get my weigh in results at Curves... I will update here!

Let the journey begin...
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