Sunday, January 16, 2011

Must be doing something right...

Well, I am feeling lighter, feeling firmer, so I must be doing something right! Yeah!

I know my day Friday was NOT good at all! Spent the entire day shopping for a pair of women/junior snow pants for Holly's ski trip with the HOTH UB Church youth group. Found one pair in the entire city of Adrian! Well, OK....they had the bibbed snow pants, but there was NO WAY she would wear them. That one pair was marked $79.00 and was a Size Medium...which I KNEW would be too big for her. I didn't want to spend that much either, so continued shopping.

I was with my Mom & Stepdad, and we all started to feel a tad bit hungry after about 4 stops so my stepdad pulled into Culver's. You wouldn't think those paper-thin hamburgers could hold so many calories! Then Holly wanted Pizza for dinner before she went up to church to head out on her ski trip.

Then it was a mad rush to get back to the school to pick Holly up. I knew I was going to be late, as when we left Adrian I only had about 20 minutes to be she went to the fitness center to wait for me.

We had a couple of stops we needed to make in order for her to have everything she needed for her ski trip...then it was home to let her get around...

It was then off to the chiropractor. Holly & I have both been having serious issues with our backs lately. Me, because of over-lifting at work and Holly has no clue what she did. Dr. Scott commented on how tight the muscles were along the spine, right between the shoulders. That is where most of my pain has been he worked it good and suggested or hinted that I should go back in on Saturday for another adjustment with Dr. Becky. To which I did.

I've done well with my workouts this week. Curves both Thursday and Saturday...and I've done some strength training, starting back with my challenges. I felt really sore after Thursdays workout though, so it really worked it good but the data on the CurvesSmart computer showed weakness in that area. After my workout on Saturday however, it was my strongest point of the workout. So, maybe a combination of working on Thursday and the chiropractic adjustments have helped loosen things up a bit. I had my adjustment Saturday just before my workout. Maybe there is a connection there...LOL.

I ate fairly well yesterday. A bit over on my fat content as I had kept my calories fairly low during the day, so when I was fixing Chicken and White Bean Soup for my dinner, I munched on two chicken thighs while the soup cooked... then ate just one bowl of soup. Still fell within my calorie range for the day though... so all was good.

OK...guess I should get my day started... Been on here working and reading blogs, my plan, etc. Time to get motivated and get something done. Need to clean off my desk again, and get my files set up and organized.
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