Friday, November 5, 2010

I Could Use A Few Curves...

Ok, so I don't really need anymore Curves... but what I DO need is to get back into my fitness routine I used to have. So, today I made the decision after serious consideration, that I was going to drop my monthly Chiropractic visits, which was costing me $43.00 a Month which consisted of about 5 minutes in and out of the office in exchange for a Curves Membership which is cheaper and I get to go 3-4 times a week!

I joined Curves about 4 years ago with great success. I lost 30 lbs, taking me to 3 lbs below my goal weight of 140 lbs... or a size 4/6. I have been fairly successful at maintaining my goal weight, however it has fluctuated between 5-15 lbs off and on since hitting goal and loosing the motivation to work out. Mostly within 5 lbs of my goal weight though.

What I missed most was my full night sleep, regularity in my digestive system, no aching muscles, joints, or bones, & the muscle tone ( I absolutely felt way more sexy when I had buns of steal and a butt of steal, and toned muscular arms and shoulders, which is BIG for me, as I have ALWAYS been self conscious about myself and never liked how I looked). My self confidence skyrocketed! I need to get that back... all of it.

In this new chapter of my life, with going through a divorce, this will help me get in step with my goals I have set for myself. I want to become a personal trainer. I loved learning how to become healthy. I did it on my own, via reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. I blogged my journey, I read articles online, magazines, and bought books. I took my journey to hart and now I want to share that with others.

So, today is the start of a new chapter... or is that a reread of an old chapter? Either way, I'm ready to make this commitment. AND, my daughter may want to join with me. She has asked that if I joined, she would like to start working out too...though, she may want to join the fitness center at her high school where they have treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, etc... and work out with her friends. Either way, it's just an additional $10.00 a month for her.

I forgot to get copies of my measurements when I filled out the paperwork will have to update them after my "training" class on Monday with my Personal Coach. There is only two machines that are different than what I have used before, but I did use them when I visited 3-1/2 years shouldn't be a big deal. And of course, Curves went Green since I last went, so will have to learn about the Green Card... ;)

This much I do remember... according to the charts, I only need to loose between 3-8 lbs to be at my goal weight. 8 to reach the goal I would really like to see, but 3 at the goal where I am happy with... or my Happy Weight as they call it. 135 is the lower end of my healthy weight, 140 is the median or so. And 140 seems to be the spot I am able to maintain best...

My "problem areas" seem to be my thighs to which I would like to loose 3 inches on each... and my abdomen where I need to loose 2 inches. Basically, my goal is to regain my muscle tone and firm up. I'm happy with my weight, really... it's just the mental well being, and the physical aspects of it that I miss. I want my self confidence, my energy, my restful nights, etc. all back.
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