Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friends for Fitness...

Something I had been thinking about doing over the past couple of months...or whenever I discovered it in the church bulletin, was to check out the Friends For Fitness class on Tuesday and Thursdays at church. I even got dressed to go one morning a few weeks ago, then talked myself out of going, because I wouldn't know anyone there... or they might all be older than me, or it might be to hard (I'm not very coordinated when it comes to aerobics), whatever excuse I could find.

Well, after my initial workout at Curves yesterday, I was really anticipating going again this morning to do a cardio workout there on the recovery boards and less emphasis on the machines. Checked out videos on Sparkpeople.com last night so that I could incorporate some cardio moves as I am not sure what the hours of the cardio classes are at Curves...

Well, I got up this morning and remembered, when we had our Missions Benefit the other night, I was introduced to Mrs. Vermeulen. I recognized her from when I was a regular member of the church before getting married. I was told that she was the one that leads the aerobic class at church, so this morning I decided to give it a shot.

I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into...but figured it would be like any other aerobic class I had done. Hard for me to stay coordinated with! But it wasn't. I liked the way the class is conducted. We started out with a few laps around the gym to warm up, then we did a few stretches then did some aerobics. After a few minutes of aerobic exercise, we did a few more laps around the gym, grabbed a step and did step aerobics for a bit. I was a bit more uncoordinated with that, but I love step aerobics and the routine was not so long and complicated, that I was all that uncoordinated. After a bit of step aerobics we did a few more laps around the gym, then grabbed hand weights and did some strength training, then back to either walking or stepping...to which I chose to step. Then it was time for cool down, a walk around the gym and some stretches.

I think I will continue to join in with the ladies at church when I'm not working. It was fun. Mostly older women from the community. Not even from our church. After the aerobics class we had about a half hour of prayer meeting with those that wished to stay. I decided to stay as I know that getting involved more with the church is something I really want and really need to do. I need the support of my church family during this time in my life. And I truly want to get back what I had before getting married as far as my relationship with God goes. I need to break out of my shell and quit being so shy about stepping up and volunteering to help at church. There is so much that I can do to help...

Today's Body Blessing:

B: Banana, popcorn, banana/pumpkin bread, iced tea

L: Ham & Cheese sandwich. (I tried the "new" Pepperidge Farms Deli Flats Rolls. Not bad at all.) 1 medium tomato, small bowl of green grapes, Iced Tea

S: Banana/Pumpkin Bread

D: 2 chili dogs, mac n cheese, salad with raspberry vignette dressing and grapes.

Today's Fitness:

Friends for Fitness aerobic workout -- 1 hr
Sparkpeople 10-minute Jump Start Cardio Workout -- 10 minutes
3 sets of 50 crunches on fitness ball
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