Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 4 Challenge....

This weeks challenge is all about getting prepared for the upcoming Holidays...

It is comprised of 3 sections where we can choose to participate in none or all of them... with a chance to earn up to 800 points if we do every part of the challenge! Woo Hoo!

Just the type of challenge I need to get me headed and thinking about the upcoming Holidays.

1- There will be a survey (100 pts)... which I have completed and sent to Sheila already.

2- 3 parts to this challenge:

a) make a Christmas card list (50 pts)... did this last night! Have even pulled out my cards to start writing out my envelopes!

b) make a gift giving list (50 pts)... found some cute lists online and printed to start my gift giving ideas. Now to get my daughter to give me some hints on what she wants "Santa" to bring... :)

c) plan a Christmas party with healthy options & a date (50 pts)... Bonus 500 points if we follow through! The easy part is planning the party. The hard part will be following through as my hubby hates to entertain! Maybe I can convince him to invite some of the single guys or gals from work over for Christmas or Thanksgiving Dinner like we used to years ago... :)

3- Casserole, Stew and Soup!!! Looking for recipes... looking for comfort food recipes... (100 pts) already posted recipe to Sheila... :)
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