Friday, September 25, 2009

Overall, a pretty good day...

Got up and around this morning... took me a long time, but I finally managed to head out the door and into town to get some shopping done and a couple errands.

As I posted earlier, I broke my goal weight this morning... yeah! Back to where I was weight wise when I initially lost my weight so I'm pretty excited about that. Now to just increase my endurance and continue with my strength training. This time I really really really want to learn to maintain my weight and not let it creep back up on me like I did after loosing the thirty pounds a couple years ago.

By the time I finally got around to head to town, it was almost lunch time and I was starting to get pretty hungry so I stopped at work and paid our final layaway payment on our snow thrower. It will be here October 1st! It will be so nice not to have to pay someone else to do our driveway every day or two and will be even nicer not having to shovel it all by hand too. I just hope we do not end up with 60+ inches of snow again this year...LOL.

I also picked up a couple more workout shirts for when I go to the gym... and bought two blouses with matching tanks for our "color days" at work. Can't wait to be able to wear them... actually, I think this weekend is a color weekend!

Then it was off to get some lunch... did well and ate my usual at Arby's minus the Mozzarella Cheese Sticks... and instead of a diet Pepsi, I had a diet Peach Tea. Yummmy!

I then went shopping at Walmart... wanted to get a purse sized day planner so that I could track my work schedule and plan ahead for the Y classes which correspond with my work schedule. Then I can check it daily and know when to take my workout clothes and tennies to work with me... :) While shopping, I also discovered some really cute scrapbooking stuff on clearance that would match the idea I had in my head for wall hangings over my bed. So, I bought those and came home and played with that. Hubby even likes the layout. Have not yet decided if I want to actually add photos to the layouts or just make the layout...

I then came home and decided to do some strength training as I had not done any of that in a while again. Still want to keep it up even though I want to put more focus on my cardio. I had wanted to do that too today, but forgot to take my workout things to town with me...and then got home and decided I really did't want to go to the base gym. Better to do it at home than not do it at all though...

Hubby decided he wanted to go to town for dinner, so we were going to try the "New" restaraunt in town TR's (I heard it's named that for Teddy Roosevelt, but not really sure) but they were totally packed so decided to head to Grizzly's instead.

Hubby and I then did a bit of shopping then headed back home to relax for the rest of the evening... I will head up in not too long to take a long hot bath I think... soak and read one of my new magazines.

Today's Body Blessings:

B: Planter's Trail Mix
L: Arby's Roasted Turkey & Swiss Sandwich, Diet Peach Tea
S: Blueberry bread my daughter and her friend made...
D: Apple & Pecan Salad, breadstick

Today's Workout:

Push-up challenge
Squat Challenge
Crunch Challenge
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