Monday, September 14, 2009

Long Long Day...

Wow, got home from the store picnic last night, posted the pics and my blogs... went to bed and couldn't sleep. Finally fell asleep and my alarm went off at 5:30 as I had no clue on what time I had to be at work as I forgot to bring home a schedule. Since the earliest I would have had to have been to work was 7:00, I got up, got dressed, and headed to work. Only to find out, I wasn't scheduled until 9:30!

I went back home, checked my posts & email then went back to bed for about 45 minutes. Was a busy day at work... managers meeting, putting out new stock, etc. Came home helped fix dinner, had a couple girls from work drop by unexpectedly...LOL. Gave them a tour of my house and chatted for a bit...then headed in for dinner, cleaned up kitchen, played a few games on Face Book... Now thinking I might head up and take a long hot shower then crawl into bed for the night... I so need a good night sleep. Not had many this week.

Today's Body Blessing...

B: 2 Fried Eggs
S: Planter's Trail Mix (nut & chocolate)
L: Spinach Salad with shredded carrots, grapes, cranberries, grilled chicken, cauliflower & celery topped with Balsamic Vinegar Dressing.
S: Tuna Salad with crackers
D: 1 open faced Sloppy Joe, Tator Tots, lots of fresh veggies, green olives

Ooops, almost forgot. I've been doing so good, I didn't even think about the oatmeal/chocolate/caramel dessert I tasted twice today...and the three Oreo cookies. Leftovers from the store picnic. Hopefully they will all be gone from the break room tomorrow!

Todays Workout

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