Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GAG2009 Week 3 Weigh In & Challenge Points...

Wow, considering I did NOT workout but once this week... and a 4 inning softball game (which I did count just as 15 minutes of a workout in the challenge) at the company picnic I was amazed with this weeks weigh in...

Starting Weight: 142.6
Last Week Weight: 142.2
This week Weight: 140.4

Loss This Week: 1.8 lbs
Total GAG Loss: 2.2 lbs

Points earned for the GAG 2009 Challenge for week 2

8 hours sleep... 80
Drink H2O... 620
Track Meals... 140
Workout... 30

Total Weekly Points: 870

I think I am going to continue with this log each week! It really helped me to get my water in, be aware of my time for sleeping...which, still just did not happen. I hate when my brain won't stop working! And I want to use it to motivate me more to get my workouts in...I am going to try and make it to the Y this week to pay for my membership... :)

Good Luck everyone!

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