Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Day Late...

Well, I'm a day late posting my food journal so will do it now... Got my new washer/dryer/pedestals yesterday as well as my new phone so was kinda preoccupied...LOL

Daily Body Blessings:

B: Omelet: 2 egg, sm. tomato, 1/2 can asparagus
L: Roast Beef with Gravy, 1/2 -2/3 c. mashed potatoes with gravy, dinner roll, 1-4 c corn, salad with ranch dressing.
D: Spinach Salad with almonds, shredded carrot, grapes, cranberries, raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Cheese, small jerky stick
S: Planter's Trail Mix... worked late and was hungry so had tostitos with melted cheddar cheese

No Workout for the day...
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