Monday, June 1, 2009

Mother Daughter Day Out

Well, today was an AWESOME day...

I got up this morning, got online to check my fitness boards, challenges, emails, blogs, etc. I had a few more classmates connect with me on Facebook... Some, who never even talked to me in High School... but then again, it doesn't surprise me because when we went away to college, she tried to be my best friend until she met others "better than me". Oh well, maybe she has grown up some by now...

I went up to Holly's room around 10:00 or shortly after to wake her up as I wanted to leave the house around 11:00 so we could head to town (it takes half an hour) to go out for lunch before we started our shopping at the mall.

I let Holly decide on where to eat lunch. She chose Space Aliens, so that is where we headed first after gassing up the Explorer and getting a drink for the road. We both had a wrap...her with fries, I opted to replace the fries with a salad. We had a great time sitting there talking and listening to her new ring tones she put on her phone.

From there we headed to the mall so she could get her hair cut and colored...though, that appointment was not until 3:00, so we wandered the mall, had a small ice cream for dessert, picked out a pair of earrings for her to get her ears pierced a second time. She finally was able to convince her dad to let her do it if she paid for it with her babysitting money. Holly wanted both ears done at the same time, so we had to go back at 1:00 when there would be someone to help the manager do her ears.

It was really cute... there was a woman with her daughter and granddaughter there. They were trying to convince the granddaughter (maybe age 2 or 3) into getting her ears pierced. They were excited to see Holly getting them done so that the little girl could watch it done to see it wouldn't hurt. The little girls mom looked at Holly just before they pierced her ears but after telling her daughter to watch, telling Holly "Now, don't cry"... it was kinda funny. The little girl watched as they pierced Holly's ears. She didn't flinch (nor did Holly) but politely turned down her mom's suggestion of getting them done... LOL. I'm just glad that the mom and grandma were not forcing her into getting them done... they let her make the decision. That's how we were with Holly. I wanted to get them done when she was little, but we wanted it to be her decision on when it was done...

We went through a few of the teen stores, Payless Shoe Source, etc. I bought a cute pair of flip flops in black with the money I received from my Mother & Father In Law for my birthday, Holly bought a t-shirt for one of her guy friends, and she bought another set of earrings. Once we decided we had enough shopping, we still had about an hour and a half before our appointments to get her hair and my waxing done so we decided to leave and head over to Roosevelt State park over by the Zoo and State Fair Grounds. I had hoped to be able to stop and park somewhere and walk through, but there really was not much to see...and I had forgotten to take my camera anyway so we couldn't take pics of the monuments at the park.

As we were driving back to the mall, I remembered that I needed to stop at CVS to pick up some more of my facial scrub and get some more body wash...and stop at my Chiropractor to get a bottle of BioFreeze as my hubby hurt his shoulder last week when lifting his lawnmower into the back of his truck to go do the yards of a couple of guys who are gone TDY (temporary duty). It is the same shoulder he had two shoulder surgeries on about 5 years ago. He's been in some major pain so they have had to do x-rays and did an MRI to check things out. No results as of yet.

After shopping, we headed back to Sears for Rick to do Holly's hair. We had an AWESOME time. Rick is totally awesome. Out of 13,000 employees in the Sears Salons (company wide) he is #9 in sales and business. He is so awesome. I just love him. He won't let you do something to your hair that is not good for it... won't let you talk him into doing a style that he KNOWS will not work with your hair type etc. He really knows his business and is always busy. There is NEVER a walk in appointment available for him. He's just that good and people want his business. He would do so well out on his own...

Anyway, we were sitting there and Rick was joking with Holly. He loves to tease her and make her think he is going to give her an 80's hairstyle....LOL. Today he French Braided her hair, she sat there and let him do it then he starts to spray it...she's like "Your NOT going to leave it like that are you?"... Last time he was "splowing" her best friends hair to show them how we wore it in

Then, Holly takes a rubber band and attempts to shoot me with it... well, she missed, so I picked it up and I go to shoot it back at her... she says "RAPE!"... not real loud, but loud enough for me and Rick to hear it. Rick's like "Don't say that too loud, people might start to think I'm straight" (He is gay)... then he says "You might ruin my reputation as a hair stylist"... it was just so funny!

Well, after our appointments were done and over with, we headed back to base. Holly asked me to drop her off at Kacy's house as they wanted to hang out for a while. I came home and Drew was at home too. He had actually come home from work before we left this morning not feeling well... took some meds. and passed out on the couch. He decided that he wasn't really up to going out to dinner nor to be fixing dinner, so we ordered pizza and I went to pick it up. We ate dinner then I came in to check my messages again and did a good 50 minutes of strength training while "watching" the bachelorete... It was a GREAT workout again. I did a repeat of my killer work out from a few weeks ago... only did one set rather than two of each. I just added a few more stretching and exorcises to it to make it the full 50 minutes.

So, overall, today was a GREAT day. Holly and I need more days like today...

Today's Body Blessings:

B: none...
L: Cajun Ranch Chicken Wrap, Salad with Ranch Dressing, Water with Lemon
D: 3 Slices Deluxe Pizza
S: Small Strawberry Blonde Ice Cream from Coldstone Creamery

Beverages: 2 glasses of water with Lemon with Lunch, 2 bottles Diet Pepsi, 1- 33.8 oz bottle water, 1 glass cranberry/lemonade drink

Today's Workout:

30 jumping jacks
15 lunges
10 Pilates Roll-ups
25 bicycle crunches
15 Triceps Kick Backs
25 Knee to elbow torso twists
25 crunches on stability ball
25 hammer curls with 8 lb weights
25 Triceps Extension with 8 lb weight
25 shoulder shrugs with 8 lb weights
25 laying leg adductions
25 laying leg abductions
25 laying straight leg lifts
25 potato pickers
25 windmills
25 dumbbell side bends with 8 lb weights
2 minutes of boxing
10 modified push-ups
25 "tug of war" side bends
25 sitting toe touches
10 minutes misc. stretches
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