Monday, June 1, 2009

JUNE ~ Goals & Commitments

What are your goals for the month of June? To work out minimum of 3x per week at the gym & 3x at home doing strength training (or maybe the gym using the machines). Continue NOT eating out of the vending machine at work... Fix more healthy fruit smoothies for Holly and I for snacks... eat more fresh fruits and veggies. No excuse not too! They are so cheap in the summer months when they are grown "locally"... GRILL out more now that the grill is no longer buried under 4 foot of snow!

How do you plan to accomplish these goals?Working out in the evenings & my days off (or mornings on my days I work late). Loading my cart with fresh fruits and veggies, hubby loves to grill out, so there's no chance of my failing at that part of the goal.

If you had problems in May, what will you do differently this month to ensure that nothing gets in your way and that your goals are met? My motivation was TERRIBLE this past month. I had planned on the same goals I think for last month... and I blew it. I did enough to maintain my current weight and that was about it. I did however stay away from the vending machines at work and ate way less candy than I had been!

What did you learn about yourself in May that will help you reach your goals this month? The few days I pushed it and really did a lot of push ups really HURT! The hurt felt decent as I love the feeling of working out, but when it is a constant pain and hurts to lift anything, then I know it's too much...I need to remember to alternate my days if I am going to push the quantity of push-ups I do. If I want to do them daily, I need to limit them to just 1 set of 10.

What are some of your favorite, calorie burning, outdoor activities? I miss the beach! When we were in FL, I loved to walk on the beach...the sand is great for balance! BUT, since I am no longer in FL, I'll have to get back into my walking & bike riding. And, since I have bought my new swim suit, I need to get out and actually go to the base pool and swim on my days off... I've already told my daughter to MAKE me go to the pool with her... and to MAKE me get in the water and swim, slash around, just plain have fun!

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