Thursday, June 25, 2009

I feel the BURN... but all's good!

I've been slacking on my blogging, but I'm still hanging in there. Food choices may not be the greatest, but I'm still maintaining my weight with just slight fluctuation which is to be expected. I can't be the goal weight every time I weight in... I know that.

I started my 100 push-up & 200 Sit-Up challenge on Monday... I did pretty good. I did start myself at the highest level (based on my test of how many consecutive I can already do) and actually found the sit-ups (abdominal crunches) to be too easy. So, instead of skipping ahead since they are both on the 6 week challenge, I chose to make them harder by doing a reverse crunch as I lifted my shoulders off the floor... in other words, I'm lifting the hips & shoulders off the floor at the same time...

Well, after yesterday's workout... adding the reverse really made a difference. I can feel the burn right in the sternum area of my chest. It's not uncomfortable so I know I did not over do it at all... I also feel it in the whole abs just not as much as the sternum area.

I also decided to add to the challenge as I found a link for the 200 squat challenge I began that on day two, level 3 on Wed. also. And man do I feel it in the thighs today.

For an idea of how many of each I am doing to start... this is broken down into 5 sets with a break of between 60-120 seconds each... each set has a different amount... and the last being the max I can do without collapsing.

Yesterday's workout consisted of...

Push-Ups - 50
Crunches - 93
Squats - 80

4 hours after my workout, my body was still trembling from the workout. It was awesome! Though, it sure made it hard to type! LOL...

Well, I'll try to get in and post more updates than I have been. I just wanted to post a quick one for tonight and let you all know how I'm doing with my working out and such...
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