Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Whew, I tackled Sheila's Challange and...

Man do I feel good! Let's see what tomorrow brings though with the workout I did tonight... I definitely stepped it up ALOT more than I normally do...

Today was an OK work day. Was welcomed back to work with an email stating we were receiving 3... yes, THREE appliance trucks again today. Every time I go out of town for the weekend, it seems that we get slammed with trucks on my first day back...lol. Maybe I should just quit going out of town. NOPE, that won't happen. I enjoy my visit with my friends too much.

Today's Body Blessings...
B: Grab & Go Cottage Crunch
L: Turkey Swiss Sandwich and small 4-piece Mozz. Cheese sticks
D: Steak, Cheese Broccoli, & Mashed Tators with gravy (hubby dished up small portions for me tonight)
Snack: Salsa Flavored Tortilla Chips
Today's Workout...
2 sets of 30 Jumping Jacks
2 sets of 15 Lunges
2 sets of 10 Palates Roll-Ups
2 sets of 25 Bicycle Crunches
2 sets of 15 Triceps Kickbacks
2 sets of 25 Knee to Elbow Torso Twist
2 sets of 25 Crunches on Stability Ball
2 sets of 25 Hammer Curls with 8 lb weights
2 sets of 25 Triceps Extension with 8 lb weight
2 sets of 25 Shoulder Shrugs with 8 lb weights
2 sets of 40 Lying Leg Abductions
2 sets of 40 Lying Leg Adductions
2 sets of 25 Double Leg Raises
1 set of 25 Windmills
1 set of 25 Potato Pickers
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