Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Workout... Bad Food Choices.

Well, the day didn't start all that well. After waking up this morning and spending a bit of time with Hubby, I went in to take my shower, he went down stairs to start breakfast...Our usual Sunday Morning breakfast... and I didn't hold back today. I ate as much as I usually would before my "diet"...

After breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen then came in to check out my board online before getting around to head into town with Holly. She needed some school supplies for her Clothing Design Class as they are going to make a pillow case and PJ Bottoms. We headed to JoAnn Fabrics and she picked out some flannel for her PJ bottoms and another flannel for her Pillow Case. She's decided that after she learns how to make pillow cases, she's going to make us some for at home too... and make her daddy some PJ Bottoms. :)

Since Holly had been cooped up in the house the last three days being sick, she wasn't quite ready to go home so we headed over to the mall and stopped at Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream... not good! Well, it really WAS good, just not good for the diet. We then walked down to CVS as she wanted to get some more powder and a correction stick. Well, CVS was no longer in the mall. They had finally gotten moved into their new building across the street. Instead of heading over there, we just walked back down to Target and she got what she needed/wanted there.

Drew called while we were in Target to see what my plans for lunch were as he was getting hungry. He decided that he'd just eat the left overs from last nights dinner since he needed to eat and not wait on us. Holly and I then walked to Subway and got out lunch. I was a good girl and skipped the dressing as well as the cheese. Not something I usually do. And you know what, that sandwich was just as good without it as it is with. :)

After lunch, we headed back home and I got back online to check my emails then decided I wanted to go to the gym. Drew was not feeling up to going with me today as his shoulder was bothering him... I'm sure his sitting on the floor cutting padding and carpet for the hallway didn't help matters any. I decided I'd go ask Holly if she wanted to go with me since she had an hour of gym classes to make up for since she missed 2 days of school... speaking of which, I need to write her gym teacher a note letting her know she worked out with me today at the gym. I forgot that her friend was here also, so she went up with Holly and I. Those girls did about 3 miles on the elliptical... and another 6 or 7 miles on the stationery bike. Lorrin told us that they keep that by summer they will have "Buns of Steel & Washboard Abs"...LOL. We all will!

We got home from the gym and Drew ordered dinner from Roughriders. I fixed myself a salad to eat also and drank a Mott's Bold & Spicy Veggie drink while Drew went to pick up the pizza.

Today's Body "Blessing"...

Breakfast: 2 biscuits with Sausage Gravy, 3 slices of bacon, 2 scrambled eggsLunch: 6" Subway ham and turkey loaded with veggies, no dressing, no cheeseDinner: 2 slices of Supreme Pizza, Salad with Kraft Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing, Mott's Bold & Spicy Veggie BlendSnack: Cold Stone Icecream... cheesecake flavored with Strawberries, Blueberries, and Graham Cracker Crumbs

Today's Workout...

20 minutes with various speeds and incline (I accidently hit reset button so do not have actual data for the first 20 minutes, SP calculates at approx 228 calories burned)

44.02 minutes, 3.17 miles, 4.3 average mph, 387.9 calories burned
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