Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not a Good day. Still Sick, and Busy at Work.

Well, I was feeling a bit better today... about the same as yesterday, minus the headache. I can almost deal with the achey body, but headaches I have trouble dealing with.

My diet today was a bit better... still under calories, but breakfast and lunch I just was not feeling up to eatting, so kept it light and dry... toast with a bit of apple butter and a cup of fruit. Lunch was just another Arby's ham melt, minus the swiss cheese and a bottle of water. I did eat a healthy well balanced dinner though... Roast Beef, potato, carrots, salad, and a couple of pickles...

Work was extremely busy for me today. We offloaded on applience truck which took it's toll on me big time since I didn't sleep well again last night due to my body aching. I was totally exhaused by the time we were done.... then came the other truck (tools, softlines, fitness, etc)... that one, I didn't get to do much of as I was on the SNC and was run raggid with customer pick-ups, staging requests, etc. Again, a very exhausting day. I ended up working an hour over, which was OK too since I went home 4 hours early yesterday since I didn't feel good and I was afraid they would shut the gates going out of town due to the snow storms...

Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better and I can get at least some light strength training in or maybe a few stretches at least before I head to work. I so want to get back in the habit of working out every day... I feel so much better when I do.
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