Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finally Feeling Better...

Well, I am finally feeling my old self again... only this time, ready to take on my new healthy way of life.

I was off work today and had planned on getting up early so I could get grocery shopping done, then head to the gym before Drew got home for lunch. Well, that did't work out. I woke up again about 3:00 in the morning and was wide eyed and bushy tailed; rearing to go. No matter how much I tried to go back to sleep, I just couldn't. It was terrible, my mind just would not stop thinking of all the things I needed to get done, things that were done and over with, whatever. Most of it made no sense at all...LOL.

Well, I finally got up around 8:00 this morning after finally dozing back off when Drew left for PT this morning. So, only about an hour extra sleep, but an hour that was much needed. I came down stairs, let the dog out, then checked my CafeMom boards and my emails. Worked on my grocery list, then started working some around the house. There is so much decluttering to do it's not funny... After a little bit of straightening up and starting a load of laundry, I went up and took my shower and got dressed so I was ready for lunch when Drew got home. We were suppose to have left overs from last night, but I kinda didn't get around to fixing them, so we went to J.R. Rockers and I had a Buffalo Chicken Salad. That thing is soooo good, but I'm sure the chicken is more calories than I really need as it's breaded.

I came home and grabbed my grocery list, sorted through my coupons, then headed up to the commissary to get my grocery shopping done. I loaded my cart with all sorts of healthy foods for me and the family... well, Holly did have a couple of special requests, so I did get her her Pop Tarts and Club Crackers (reduced fat though on the crackers. Gotta sneak in healthy were I can...LOL).

I came home and made up a batch of my Hamburger Veggie Stoup. A recipe I found on Crock Pot Mom's CafeMom group. It's sooo good. A tad high in sodium, but otherwise a nice lunch time meal for me to take to work. I just have to remember to drink extra water to help flush the sodium out.

I also boiled three boneless skinless chicken breast with fresh veggies, diced them up, and measured out single servings to freeze for use on top of my salads or into wraps; also items for lunches at work to add a bit of variety and keep me from heading to the Food Court.

I decided at 3:30, that if I was going to get a workout in, I had better do it now as Holly and Drew would both be home around 4:00. So, I turned on the On Demand workouts I saved and did half hour of kickboxing. Last time I did the kickboxing, it nearly killed me. Not really, but it was definately a great workout and probably would have been better had I not been laughing through it. I am soooo uncoordinated! Practice makes perfect right?

Dinner tonight was baked boneless skinless chicken breast, another big salad with Kraft Raspberry Vinegarette dressing, asparagus, and stove top stuffing. Yum...

This evening I will just enjoy spending time on my boards, post my daily activites on my SparkPeople page and just have a relaxing evening.

So, all in all... a GREAT day.
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