Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Figured Something Out Today....

Well, tonight while eating dinner, I figured something out. It's nothing I shouldn't have already known, but something I never paid attention to really. I carefully measured out my dinner, or I should say my husband did as he measured out his portions. (He is diabetic, so has to carefully measure and count every gram of carb and sugar). I had approximately 3 ounces of ham steak, 1/2 cup fried okra, 1/2 cup scalloped potatoes, and a bowl of salad. I still had about 4 bites to go when it dawned on me, I was full. Before I started my diet two years ago, and again when I lost sight of my new eating habits I had formed, I would have piled that food on my plate and just ate it until it was gone....then gone back for seconds, not even thinking twice that I was full.

I have always been a fast eater, and I guess for the most part, I still am. I think eating the salad really helps me to feel fuller faster. So, I need to continue with my salads. I just need to start buying other fixings for them so I do not get bored with the same old veggie salad every time. When I was doing my diet two years ago, I liked to buy the bagged salad kits. Some had fruits, some had meats, nuts, or a combination of ingredients other than veggies. I need to start creating salads like that to very my nutrients and keep me from getting bored. Time to scour the internet for some exciting salad ideas...

I've had a good day overall. I got up this morning. My alarm went off, I still felt sleepy and tired, so decided to set it ahead one hour. I fell back to sleep and got up when it went off again at "8:00". I got my shower, dried my hair, brushed my teeth, went to put on my watch and discovered it was now 7:30... hmmm, what the heck? I must have hit the time zone button on my alarm and changed the zone so the clock reset itself to the new time zone. No wonder I had felt tired. It had only been 6:00, not 7:00 when my alarm initially went off. So, I came down stairs after getting dressed and fixed myself some breakfast. Not necessarily the best choice, but it was within my calorie range and not totally awful. I fixed myself two whole wheat biscuits with apple butter, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, and a bottle of Mott's 100% Veggie juice. It was plenty satisfying and got me through the morning at work. We were slow again today and no trucks, so I just caught up on my filing, paperwork, UPS shipping, etc.

Lunchtime was good... though, I think that the salad had way too much cheese and ham on it. Drew had bought the salad for himself yesterday for his lunch, but changed his mind and ate something else so told me to go ahead and take it for my lunch. It was just a basic salad with ham cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, & tomatoes. I took my own Kraft Done Right Raspberry Vinegarette Dressing to top it with. I did munch on three Hershey Kisses that someone had brought into work, but I limited myself to the three and skipped the chocolate fudge brownies that someone baked to share with all of us. I fought temptation and I won that round... :)

After dinner, I came in and started working my boards. I was going to write my blog, but decided I needed to do some sort of workout first. I've not done one in a couple of days. I signed up for the New You Bootcamp which started this week but had not done any of the video's so decided I would do today's video. Today's was an ab and core workout with the stability ball. It was a pretty good workout. I've never really used my stability ball for anything other than doing my crunches, so it was kinda nice to use the video and see what other options I have with it. The workout was only about 9 minutes long, so I went ahead and did two other video's from earlier this week. They were an upper and a lower body workout. Man, the lower body workout is a killer! My butt was burning so bad, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish the workout...but I did the best I could and finished! Yeah Me!

I'm off work tomorrow, so if I can get the hubby and daughter out of the house or living room for a while, I'm going to do another cardio workout. I've not done one the last few days. I did get two really good workouts in early in the week, and some strength training, but not my third cardio. According to my reports from SparkPeople though, if I would have done another cardio, they advise that I should increase my calorie intake though..which I do not want to do. According to the calculation, I burned A LOT of calories with the kick boxing and the Walk At Home Video workouts I did. So, I think that my not getting my third cardio in was OK for me this week. Maybe I can talk my hubby into going to the gym and working out on the elliptical... be good "US" time. We do not get much of that anymore.

Tomorrow will be another busy day in my office/craft/workout room. I'm still weeding through my crafts and paper work trying to get it organized. It was quite a tight squeeze in here tonight doing my workout, so I gotta make more room. I can't do my cardio up here, but I do my strength training here as I can do that while hubby watches tv in the living room and not bother him any.

I'll also have to spend a good portion of the day working on my laundry and getting some house cleaning done too... I'll have to put a little bit of pep into that and get a good workout doing

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and an excellent week ahead of you.
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