Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daily Journal Questions

OK, I've written up a journal plan to right out and keep in my book. My goal is to do this each and every day... This is my Daily Journal Questions...


1. Did I prioritize my day?

2. Did I do any Workouts?

3. What did I eat today?

4. Did I de-clutter? (Get rid of anything that does not make me uncluttered mind, home, or workspace makes you feel calm, relaxed, and happy)

5. What was my time wasters today?

6. Did I have any excuses?

7. What caused Stress for me today?

8. Did I spend time visualizing what I want in my life?

9. What are my overall thoughts/feelings concerning today?

10. What are possible obstacles for tomorrow?

11. Did I plan and prep for tomorrow?

12. Things I learned today?

13. Have I made any improvements today?

14. Name at least one thing that was really fantastic about today.

Life is Good!
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