Friday, September 26, 2008

Consistancy Is Key...

And so far, I think I am doing an awesome job! I have done some sort of workout every day since Sunday and my daily calorie intake has been within range! Go me!

Work has been consistantly busy this week... extra trucks that I helped offload even though it was my day off. Working in an Applience warehouse is definatley a workout in itself. Wonder just how many calories a day I actually burn. I know I walk close to 10 miles a day on any given workday...especially if I am doing any kind of working out at home after work. 5 Miles just at work alone walking... :) I should go buy myself another pedometer and keep track of my walking. I'd really like to get one that's a watch to track the calories burned in a day too...but they are so expensive.

Each night after work (or before, if I work late) I have done my strength trainging challange I posted on my blog. I've been very good about doing a minimum of 2 sets of 15 to start. Once I get going and start to feel less pain, I plan on increasinig it to three sets. Last night I worked my upper body with my weight sets too. For most of them, I used my 8 lbs weights... but there was a couple I just could not do that much so used my 5 lbs weights. It was still and awesome workout and I could feel the burn in my entire upper body. Along with my strength training, I do a minimum of 25 crunches and 24 crunches with a twist on my fitness ball. I love my cruches and the tighness in my abs. It's such and awesome feeling. I can't wait to be able to get my self back up to doing over 100 crunchs at each workout like I was doing last year.

This morning, I got up and did my cardio. I find it harder to do cardio at home as I don't have alot of motivation to come up with ideas on my own. However, this morning while laying in bed, I turned on the tv to FitTV and discovered that there was going to be a Kick Boxing Workout on at 8:00. I got myself out of bed, went down and fixed myself a light but healthy breakfast and get ready to do some Kick Boxing.

I have NEVER done kick boxing before, so this was something totally new to me. It was fun. I enjoyed the attempt at the workout...LOL. I have NO coordination but I kept moving, kept going, even if I just had to take a break from the kick boxing and go walk up and down my stairs for a bit to keep I'll have to keep that program in mind though for other days I work late or I am off work. It definatley got my heart rate up and I felt like I made good progress in my weightloss journey by doing the workout.

Over the past couple of days, I also have done some more reading to get my mind focused on being healthy. I actually laid in bed last night (started off in my reading my magazine, every article, every story, every everything, just so I could try and learn something new. It's good for me to have healthy things to read and fill my mind. It helps me to stay focused and helps me to try new things...

I forgot to fill out my "journal" page last night, so first thing after my workout this morning, I filled it out in my notebook... it's a new habit I want to create so I figured it's better to write it a day late than to just totally skip it all together. After all, it's great to see where you came from when you look back a few weeks down the road. When you see how tired and lazy you felt before starting a workout plan, to energized all day long because you worked out, it's great motivation to keep going.

Well, it's time for me to head off and start the rest of my day... I've gotten my workout in... and tonight after work, I will do my lower body strength train from my challange... will be an awesome day of working out!
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