Monday, January 19, 2015

Meal Prep Day, Spice Blends, and Homemade Mayonnaise style...

Today is another day off work, which means. It's meal prep day! I love my meal prep days. I find it very relaxing and it's a great feeling knowing that I am doing something that will benefit my overall health.

Today's meal prep is actually going to be simple. I will be mixing up new batches of salad dressing, salt free seasoning blends, and I found a recipe to make homemade mayonnaise I want to try. I really don't use a lot of mayo, but there is times I want to make an egg or tuna salad, and traditional store bought mayo just isn't really healthy for you.  You can read more about why mayonnaise is unhealthy here:

On the meal prep menu today:

21 Day Fix Smokey Southwest Seasoning Blend
21 Day Fix Mediterranean Seasoning Blend
21 Day Fix All Purpose Seasoning Blend

21 Day Fix Asian Citrus Vinaigrette (update: didn't get this one made)
Homemade Mayonnaise from

And, I may possible make up a Roast Seasoning Blend from

Well, I ended up having to make a batch of Chili powder too, as I didn't realize I didn't have any. However, I had all the spiced needed to make my own. So, I got all my spices made up tonight. The Ranch mix and the Salt Free Seasoning, are both batches I made previously but man are they good! Mix a bit of the ranch into my homemade Greek Yogurt and you have a nice little veggie dip, or add a bit of milk to the yogurt, ranch mix and you have a dressing for your salad.

What is your favorite meal prep meals, spices blends, or condiments?  Share in the comments below!

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