Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick Check In...

Not a real bad week so far...overall. I have snuck in a few snacks from the vending machines at work, but I'm pretty sure my calorie intake has been pretty close to my goals. I can't wait to make it to the grocery store to replenish my healthy lunches and snacks though...need to pick up some Diet Green Teas to take for lunches and breaks at work too so I am drinking less Diet Pepsi.

I made it to the Y today after much as I really didn't want to as I was really starting to feel tired. Was a busy day at work today doing markdowns. Guess it's better than a busy day cashiering because I hate that! LOL... I worked out on the treadmill... 45 minutes total. Set the incline to minimum of 5% for a minute or two... then alternated that with about 3-4 minutes at a 15% incline! Talk about a good workout on the back of the calves! The base treadmills only go to 10% so the 15% was nice!

Well, I'm off to get around for bed I think. Going to try and make it to the gym again tomorrow since I get out of work at 4:00. I've got early shifts on Saturday...and a split shift on Sunday so my plan is to make it to the Y on those days too! That would make it 4 days straight! Wish me luck!
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