Friday, October 2, 2009

VERY productive day...

Well, I had a VERY productive day today. A day which I have been wanting to get done for weeks now... Better late then never. And the weather is finally right for it... :)

My freezer is now stocked with foods for my lunches at work... :) I did buy a couple of Lean Cuisine meals to put in the freezer, but today I also did the following meals and froze for my lunches (which I will post recipes for later...)

Festive Corn & Broccoli (5 servings)---calories not calculated
Veggie Tortellini Soup (5 servings)---calories not calculated
Basic Hearty Vegetable Soup (12 servings)---45 calories per 2 cup servings
Onion-Dijon Pork Chops (5 servings frozen, one eaten)--- 261 calories per serving
Party Meatballs (approx. 15 servings)--- 52 calories per meatball
Soy-Garlic Chicken (12 servings)--- 201 cal per serving (as prepared in recipe, I used breast instead of leg quarters)

So, there you have productivity today... though, it started with grocery shopping (only paid 100.00 and got everything to make the above meals plus some extra lots of meals for a pretty good price. Probably about less than $2.00/meal. My fridge is now also full of fresh veggies... plus I got snacks (granola bars), cereal, and I don't recall what else...LOL.

Off to switch my loads of laundry over as I've been working on that too today!
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