Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Play Lists...

I was reading through my new Self and Fitness Magazines and came across some play lists which I wrote down as I am wanting to buy a SD Card for my phone to use as an iPod... :) So because another GAG2009 Challenger has requested ideas, I'm going to share these with you all!

Kristi Yamaguchi Pilate Playlist:

"Elevation"-- U2
"Beautiful Day" -- U2
"Sexyback" -- Justin Timberlake
"Rock Your Body" -- Justin Timberlake
"Don't Stop The Music" -- Rihanna
"All for You" -- Janet Jackson

Body Confidence Playlist:

"You Gotta Be" -- Des'ree
"It's My Life" -- Bon Jovi
"Don't Stop Me Now" -- Queen
"I Run For Life" -- Melissa Etheridge
"You Are So Beautiful" -- Joe Cocker
"Baby I'm A Star" -- Prince

Maria Menounos Fit Playlist:

"Born To Run" -- Bruce Springsteen
"Rhythm Is Gonna Get You" -- Gloria Estefan
"Sweet Child Of Mine" -- Guns & Roses
"Let Me Clear My Throat" -- DJ Kool (can't read my writing on this
"Turn the Beat Around" -- Gloria Estefan
"18 & Life" -- Skid Row

Sara Hall's Running Workout Playlist:

Warm-Up Songs

"I Have Found" (Track 1): "This song reminds me of the work God has done in my life this year, and always puts me in a good mood."

"O Taste And See (Remix)" (Track 2): "It puts me in a state of thankfulness to God for how he's blessed me."

"Can I Have More of You" (Track 3): "Captures my thirst for more of God."

Songs for Running Hard

"Let it Rock (clean)" (Track 4): "This song makes me want to sprint so wildly that I don't listen to it during easy runs."

"My Dreams Will Come True (Original)" (Track 5): "My running dreams haven't yet come true, but this reminds me to keep pressing on towards them."

"Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Radio Edit)" (Track 6): "Brings back good memories of Stanford days, drumming on the inside of the track at meets."

"Love Lockdown" (Track 7): "Ryan downloaded this song, and we like to dance to it in our house. The chorus always getting my legs turning over a little faster."

"Disturbia" (Track 8): "I actually thought this song was saying 'Stir it Up' instead of 'Disturbia,' and I like that better. So that's how I sing it in my mind."

"O'Saya" (Track 9): "I love the movie Slumdog Millionaire, and the soundtrack is equally amazing. The beat in this song makes me excited."

"Dance" (Track 10): "This song captures the freedom I've found in my running when God's spirit is moving me instead of striving through my own effort."

Cool-Down Songs

"I Want You Back" (Track 11): "One of my favorite songs since I was young, this always puts a smile on my face."

"Shadow of Your Wings" (Track 12): "Reminds me of a time in my life when I was struggling and God carried me through it."

"Latika's Theme" (Track 13): "In Slumdog Millionaire, this song plays in the last scene when Jamal kisses Latika's scar. I think it's a beautiful picture of redemption and how God heals the scars in our life with His love."
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