Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week Three Challenge Results.

Well, today I did not make it to the gym, nor did I work out at home... I'm not going to make any excuses for it because it's my own fault for letting myself get sidetracked...

Today was a good day overall however, so I will not complain. LOTS of walking in at work as we had an ad set climbing ladders and walking. Then we had some small projects I took care of.

I'm off tomorrow and already making plans to meet up with Alina at the Y for either a Hatha Yoga Class or a Cycling class...though, I'm really leaning toward the cycling class before dinner tomorrow night. And, since I'm off, I may try and go up to the base gym and maybe get an early workout in up there. That should start my day off good!

Today's Body Blessing:

Breakfast: none... I was running late.
S: TGIF Potato Skins (chips as I was starving by 9:00 and didn't pack my snacks or lunch... I so need to take a few to work and leave them in my locker.
L: Subway (Ham & Turkey, loaded with veggies, no cheese, no dressing), apple slices
D: Grilled Roast Beef, 1 cup Mashed Potatoes with mushroom/onion gravy, fried okra, fresh veggies, olives
S: Pan Popped Popcorn... sprinkled with butter flavoring.

Today's Workout:


Week 3 Challenge Results

Friday: 1 hour 5 minutes on treadmill... 4.25 miles
Saturday: 1 hour Zomba Class...4 miles
Sunday: none
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