Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rainy, Wet, & Dreary Day....

Well, today did not go as well as he had hoped, according to the Weather Radar in the truck last night, we were to have a nice day today...

Drew had planned on taking Holly out shooting today. We did that, but was only able to be out there about an hour if that as it started to rain. I wanted to get pictures, but it was so cold that I sat in the truck most of the time...though, I did get a few pictures of them.

We got a late start today as we all actually slept in until after 9:00. It felt good sleeping in as I rarely ever get too. My body just doesn't allow it anymore. Since it was a late start, we didn't get to go out for breakfast as we had planned. Well, we could have ordered breakfast, but it was already 11:00 so I opted for lunch as did Holly. Drew stuck with his breakfast.

We also stopped at the mall and check on Holly's phone as it's no longer charging again...they suggested we call the repair center as they usually we called, and it's better for us to just upgrade her phone since we are within the upgrade period now...and they will not automatically upgrade the damaged phone (it's the third time sending it in!)

We then came home and Drew and I went to the commissary and did some grocery shopping. Had not planned on grocery shopping, just picking up fresh veggies for the store picnic tomorrow but ended up buying a lot of pork and beef too as it was on sale pretty cheap. Our freezer is about full again after our loss off a freezer full when our door got left opened and everything inside thawed...

I also picked up more veggies and salad stuff for my lunches...and dinners. Yum, I love my salads!

Today's Body Blessings:

B: Yogurt
L: Cranberry Pecan Harvest Salad with French Dressing, Calico Bean Soup
D: 1/2 - 3/4 cup mashed potatoes with 1/2 cup beefy gravy, 3/4 cup French style cut green beans, salad (spinach mix, walnuts, grapes, shredded carrots, 15 sprays of Raspberry Bliss Dressing)
S: Popcorn

Beverages: 1 20-oz Diet Dr. Pepper, 122 oz water (so far)

Todays Workout...

None ( I gotta get better about these workouts!)
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