Thursday, September 3, 2009

Overall, not a bad day...

Well, today wasn't too bad... other than the fact that I ache all over...LOL Yesterday's run really did me in. But, it won't stop me from trying it again.

I got up and dressed for work this morning, called and told Don that I would come in early if he wanted to go ahead and break the seal to start today's appliance truck as it was actually there last night. I got there and he had just started offloading it so I grabbed a handcart and went to work offloading the appliances. Fairly large truck again today... and just the two of us to offload it.

After finishing the truck, I walked and walked and walked all day on the sales floor working on putting merchandise out, working on paperwork (or at least trying to figure it and what not. This putting out merchandise is so different from how I've had to do it in the past... but, still not really hard.

Overall, a very good day...

Today's Body Blessings:

B: V8 & a can of chicken
L: Ham & Cheese Sandwich (not very good...hubby had bought it. Had half slice tomato and about a bite of lettuce), cheese
S: Granola bar, 2 sm. sticks Jerky
D: Salad with Ranch Dressing, Pork Rib, & 1/4 cup corn

OH Yeah...gotta admit to my two choclate chip oatmeal cookies... but they were so yummy.

Today's Workout:

Just offloading truck and walking on the sales floor
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