Monday, September 21, 2009

Kinda a high Carb Day...

Well, today was a high carb day that's for sure... It's TOM again so I wasn't really motivated to do much of anything as usual on my first day... I did manage to get some laundry done, fixed myself breakfast, lunch for hubby and I, and had dinner in the crockpot for when I got home from the Y.

My workout was a spinning class at the Y. Man, the instructor there really kicked our butts! She's way tougher than the instructors we had at the base gym in the mornings when I went. This one was really good!

I got a good laugh from her though as she went around the room, making sure everyone's bikes were set in the correct position, we were in good form, etc. She noticed some newbies so asked for names, and introduced everyone to us. She kept forgetting my name though...LOL. At one point, I had to laugh because she had us standing on the bike as we spun, leaning forward on the handle bars... which gives me a good grip and tightens up those arm muscles... she looks at me and calls me "Lady Muscles"! I think the whole class got a kick out of it...

I told the instructor after class that she was a lot tougher than the instructors on base and that I have a lot of strength, but when it comes to endurance, I'm not very good. Explained that for 3 years I have put more focus on my strength training and not cardio, so all this cardio is new to me.... other than the occassional treadmill workouts I would do here on base. Even then, I don't run...

Alina had to jump in with her smart comments though...LOL. Love Ya Alina! Telling the instructor that it's OK, they can all outrun me though! She ain't lying there!

Today's Body Blessings

B: Shredded Wheat Cereal with milk (2%)
L: 2 chili dogs, tator tots (way too many)
D: 1- 1/2 bowls of beef stew... yummy!

Beverages: 2 small glasses Diet Pepsi, 2 bottles of water with Crystal Light Immunity mix, bottle water... so far today. Day's not over yet...

Today's Workout

1 hour plus warm-up Spin Class
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