Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!

I'm off to a good start. I'm up, had my breakfast, and almost ready to head out the door for work. I am working all weekend, so I will not be temped with all the Holiday BBQ stuff... thankfully, because I don't do well with that!

I had a GREAT night out with the girls last night and have decided I need to do it more often. My husband is ALWAYS telling me I need to make friends, go out and do something instead of sitting at home on my days off doing nothing but housework and playing here online... I've just always been that shy one that finds it hard to open up and be close to anyone... and I'm not a drinker, so it never thrilled me to be going out and sitting in a bar.

I hadn't planned on being at the bar as long as I was. Got there around 9:15 and waited for the others to show up. Deb and I went inside and got a table as we waited for the other girls to show up. We laughed the night away! It was so fun. I did splurge and Deb and I each ordered an appetizer to share (we'd already eaten dinner)... We were indecisive on what we wanted, so we each ordered something different and shared. Luckily, they were small portions so not a lot of over eating. But they were still loaded in FAT as they were fried. I did not drink any alcholic beverages. I stuck with 2 cans of Diet Coke and 2 Glasses of water.

Today will be spent at work. Will be in receiving first thing in the morning until Don shows that will end up being my workout for the day I'm sure. Though, I am hoping that I can work in at least a few strength training exercises tonight as I'm finally able to move after my run the other day. After Don shows up I should get lots of walking in out on the sales floor... then back to Receiving for the last couple of hours.

Tomorrow is another early day at work...will have an ad set to do so I should be working the sales floor all day tomorrow. Yeah! I like that so much better... :)

Have a Great weekend everyone... and GO TEAM CUPID!
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