Friday, September 4, 2009

Girls Night Out

Well, today was my day off of work. Had a pretty good day today overall, though, I didn't get a workout in and my eating wasn't really on plan.

Hubby wanted to get up early and head to breakfast then head up North (we went all the way to the Canadian border) to find a ranchers property as he was mailed a letter from the state and received it yesterday. This rancher got a list of everyone requesting to hunt in a certain area and choose my husbands name to hunt his property. Hubby's pretty darned excited about it as there is a lot of trees around the house area and also a low laying river... So, it looks that if things go well, we will be filling our freezer with venison this year. I'm NOT big on Venison, so we shall see how this goes...LOL.

After our trip up North, we headed back to town where I checked my blogs and saw that I was assigned to Team Cupid! Let's go Team Cupid...we can do this together. I've got faith that each of us will succeed with the encouragement of each team member. TOGETHER, we CAN DO IT!

I then took off to town where I got my hair cut and colored again... had to cover my gray's... don't want people starting to think that I'm 40! I love having people tell me I don't look my, will keep my 40 a secret a bit longer..>LOL Not that I keep it secret. But nobody ever believes me anyway... :)

Tonight I'm meeting up with a few girls from work for a girls night out. This is something I never do... but Alina (check out her blog...she's on team Dancer) is so much fun to be around that I couldn't resist... that and most of the girls I work with are a lot of fun... so I think I'll have loads of fun hanging out tonight.

Today's Body Blessings:

B: Omelet loaded with veggies, a bit of bacon and a bit of ham, hash browns, & Toast.
L: Nodda... we not even hungry so didn't get anything.
D: Ribeye steak, 1/2 cup stuffing, boiled cauliflower, fresh veggies, & olives
Drinks: too much Diet Pepsi today... Diet Green Tea


None. Still extremely sore from my run the other day. Hard to move much today...
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