Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Time in Receiving is coming close to an end...

Yeah! I found out yesterday that I will be on the Receiving Schedule this next week...but I will ONLY be working to cover lunches and help with truck... the rest of the time, I am to spend out on the floor as the Temporary MCA (Merchandise & Customer Assist) Lead until the lead comes back from her surgery. When she returns, I will be on her team...but not as a Lead. Which is OK as that is what I have requested. I'm so excited about this.

I honestly think that this transition will help me in my journey to become healthier and more fit. I am so stressed all the time and totally exhausted after offloading trucks and loading customer merchandise each day...not to mention my "problem child" I tend to have to deal with so often... With this transition, I think I will be less stressed and much more willing to WANT to go to the gym.

I'm geared up and ready to GAG! I can't wait for the challenge to begin... and I am REALLY looking forward to having a co-worker to help hold me accountable! Alina totally ROCKS! She is super fun to hang out with and we have made plans to work out together twice next week... Once at the Y doing a Muscle Pump class...and another day we will go running together and do some weights at her house too... I'm really looking forward to having someone to work out with

Please check out Alina's Blog at

Today's Body Blessings:

Breakfast: Omelet (2 eggs, can of asparagus, & sprinkle of Sharp Cheddar Cheese)

Lunch: Arby's Roast Turkey & Swiss Sandwich & SMALL Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (I usually get large) with Marinara

Dinner: Pan Popped Popcorn (Because I worked til 7:00 and HATE eating late)

Beverages: 1 Bottle Flavored Water, 1 large Diet Pepsi with heavy ice, 1 Fuze Slenderizer, 33.8 oz bottle of water with Crystal Light hydration (I worked up a major sweat today at work...needed to rehydrate good)

Today's Workout:

Loads of running around at work today... building bales, offloading a 500 piece truck, loading customer merchandise... it was NON-STOP all day...
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