Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, my plans on making the gym for Spin Class may be going down the drain with no choice to any of us in the class...

I dragged my butt out of bed again this morning at 5:10, got dressed and met Desiree at the gym for a half hour of walking on the treadmill before attending the Spin Class being held on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. We get to class, have yet another sub (we had one last week, my first week of class too) and she informed us that the Base or whoever is in charge has decided to cancel the 6:00 am classes in order to make room for two more classes in the evenings. They are adding a Zomba & a Yoga class at 6:00 in the evenings... at times which both Desiree and I will both still be at work.

Everyone in the class is bummed by it as it's the best time for us to be there... Desiree has a baby, so her hubby is still home to watch the baby while she works out... Me, I'm just not always motivated to go on my own and evening classes just do not fit my schedule at work. Having Desiree to motivate me (she's actually a certified fitness trainer...which I just found out on Thursday while in class) is great for me. Besides, she inspires me. She loves to RUN. She starts out running for 30+ minutes straight. Such endurance she has. I don't have the endurance yet...but hopefully in time I can build it up too.

Work has been CRAZY for me lately. I've been down to about 5 people working for the past couple of weeks... 5 of us to cover almost 200 hours and to offload trucks, run merchandise pick up, process merchandise, etc. It's been taking it's toll on all of us, but we've all stuck it out and stepped up to make sure things are getting done. I really do have an awesome team back there... just wish we could always get along, though we have been doing much better.

I will slowly be making the transition to the sales floor doing merchandising and signing though. I did help out this past Sunday and really enjoyed it. It was nice to be back out there again. Hopefully with the change in my job, it will give me more motivation to make it to the gym and or at least work out at home.

We're getting closer to our new challenge... sorry to those who I joined up with their challenges for the summer and not made it in to report, encourage, and whatnot. I never expected my summer to be as hectic as it has been at work... plus we had family visit for a few weeks last month. First my MIL & FIL visited...we had a great time hitting places of interest here in ND...then we took a weekend to head to SD and saw Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, & Deadwood. It was an awesome time and a much needed vacation time for the entire family. A week after they left my Grandparents came to visit. That was great too. We mostly sat around the house, I had to work a couple of the days though. Grandma is not doing well at all anymore and can't get around without Grandpa's help. It's so sad to see a woman who was once so active be so inactive now.

Well, I shall close for now. I think I need to work over the next couple of weeks planning out my plan of attack for the upcoming GAG Challenge. I remember last Christmas I found it to not be so easy when everyone kept bringing homemade bake goods to work...so I really need to find something to keep me away from it... being out of receiving should help big time though as I won't be that close to the break room to sneak just one more... :)

Good luck to everyone with the challenge... and for those in the other challenges, I hope you are all meeting your goals you had set for yourself.
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