Thursday, June 4, 2009

I feel the BURN...

Oh my goodness! My daughter was in the mood to go to the gym with me tonight, since she wanted to ride on the recumbent bikes, I decided to ride them with her. I usually just set it on the "cardio" setting and peddle away. Tonight, upon hitting my target heart rate of 144, my thighs started to burn... and I mean BURN. My legs were shaking uncontrollably. Usually, once I hit my target HR, it lets up on the resistance some...but not tonight. I was pushing, pushing, pushing with all my might and it wasn't enough oomph to even keep the timer running. It kept going into "pause" and back to "resume" over and over and over. I finally gave up, logged my time and moved on to the treadmills. At the rate I was going, I wasn't going to be doing much of anything other than killing my legs.

While on the bike and treadmills, I was watching game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Not looking too good again tonight for my Red Wings... but, they still have another period left, so with some luck, they will pull it off, then win game 5 and the championship tomorrow in Joe Louis Arena... that would be AWESOME to win at home.

Work was pretty good today... our District Manager showed up today instead of tomorrow. So, needless to say, we were pretty surprised by that. Though, he at least let our manager know early enough that we could do a mad dash at getting things finished up we were not able to last night. I for the most part just had to update my boards from today's reports and some dusting. My Ops manager did the sweeping in the warehouse for me... and I had to supervise the new Delivery Team as they loaded today's deliveries.

We also had two trucks today... one of which I helped with about half of it, then I had to take my lunch break as it was reaching the 5 hours mark. They were about done with that when I came back, and then I worked on putting up the air filters while organizing the shelf as I went. It was a disaster area... then the big chore was trying to find room for all the Miter Saws, Table Saws, etc. Big, bulky heavy stuff...and TONS of it. I guess everyone that did NOT buy them for Christmas gifts are expected to buy them for Father's Day gifts this year...LOL. Anyway, it was a good strength "training" workout for me today with the heavy lifting.

Tomorrow should be a good day. Just more clean up after today's trucks, no trucks, and just assisting customers with their pick-ups, returns, and service items.

I close again tomorrow and Saturday... so, hopefully I find the motivation to get off my butt or I should probably say, motivate myself to climb out of bed and head to the gym for a good cardio workout since it didn't go so well tonight...

While at the gym tonight, I did pick up the Training Schedules so I can attend a few classes on my days off or late shifts. Maybe I can convince Holly to do those with me too. I think that would be a fun time for her and I to spend together. And if she wants, maybe she can convince a friend to go with us.

Now that summer is here, I want to spend some time with Holly at the pool and also bowling here on base. THAT is good exercises too. Last time I took her bowling, my buttocks and thighs burned for days from the "lunges." Maybe I need to learn to throw left handed too so the burn is equal between the two sides...LOL.

Today's Body Blessings:

B: Grab N Go Cottage Crunch
L: Chicken Tendercrisp Sandwich (held the mayo), small fry.
D: Beef tips and mushroom/onion beef gravy over mashed potatoes, 12 asparagus spears
S: Cheese, yogurt, Salsalitas, Peanut M&M's (first time in a while I raided the vending machines)
Beverages: 2 diet Pepsi, 1 lg. diet coke (BK), 1 Fuze energy, Water

Today's Workout:

Recumbent Bike:
10 minutes
2.82 miles
84 calories burned

17 minutes
.94 miles
85 calories burned
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