Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A quick post for the day...

Well, I work a mid shift today, which I decided is kinda nice in one aspect, but bad in another... Being I had my hair appointment last night, I didn't get to eat at home with the family, being I get out tonight at 7:30, I don't get to eat with my family... then I work late the next two nights...so won't get to eat with my family. I'm going to really look forward to Friday night when my family will meet me in town so we can do a bit of shopping... One of the local furniture stores is having a 5 year no interest sale, so we are going to go get our new headboard for our bed...and new mattress set for our daughter, then I will get to eat dinner with my family... Yeah!

On the UPSIDE of the mid and late shifts, I have no excuse to not get my butt out of bed and head to the gym. I actually set my alarm last night for 6:30 so I could get up and go before work this morning, but then realized I was on the mid shift so didn't have to go so early. I laid in bed until just a few minutes after 7:00 before getting up, grabbing a bit of leftover ham and a package of String Cheese so I wasn't working out on an empty stomach.

I got to the gym a little before 7:30 and PT must not have been over with as the parking lot was FULL of cars. I sat in my vehicle for about 5 minutes or so until I started to see more people leave. I didn't want to get in there and not have a Treadmill or Bike to use and have to stand around and wait. When I went inside though, I think more were on the gym courts, class rooms, upstairs track, or weight rooms, as very few were in the Cardio room. I grabbed the treadmill closest to the door, which I think next time I will pass up as it was also right next to this HUGE fan that just blew on me. I was constantly pushing my hair out of my face to start, then it just got used to blowing back I guess...LOL.

Initially I planned on doing just half an hour, maybe doing some strength training, then go back and do a half hour on the bike...but I got to going on the treadmill and was enjoying it. Instead of having the news on today, I actually left it on the channel it was set on already. VH1. It's definitely not like the VH1 I used to watch in high school or college, but the music wasn't all that bad. But man oh man, why do the women have to be so "sexual" in their dances, with the guys in the video. Wow. I do not even act the way they do with my husband! LOL...

Today's' Body Blessing (Plan)
B: Ham & Cheese
L: Berry Bleu Chicken Salad... minus the Bleu Cheese...
D: Chicken, Wild Rice, Corn
Today's Workout...
1 hour on Treadmill, Various Inclines, MPH alternating 2 minutes at 3.5, 5 minutes at 4.5
4.09 miles, 431 calories burned
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