Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day Two...

Man or Man am I ever exhausted today!

I knew today was going to be a rough day, but I had trouble falling asleep last night then ended up waking up early this morning so I was tired when I left for work.

Upon getting to work, I noticed that first of our trucks was already there... 2+ hours early. Because of our last trucks getting here late due to the weather in Fargo, Missouri, etc., one of my guys ended up working with the Delivery team to make up some of the missed deliveries because the merchandise had not been there when origanallyl scheduled. Well, that left 2 of us to offload the first applience truck. We did 60 pieces by ourself in about 1 hour and we had to do rearranging and customer pick-ups at the same time...

We had JUST got started on the first truck when the next truck pulls in... still, more than 2 hours earlier than scheduled. Just as we were finishing the first truck, one of my other associates made it to work so I was able to go to lunch. I ended up going to Arby's to get a Turkey Sandwhich because I knew that I was burning way more calories than what I had planned and packed for my lunch. I was already feeling very famished just working the first truck so I new I needed a few extra calories today. Figured the Turkey Sandwich was a safe bet.

Then... before we were even done with the second truck, our third truck arrives. It so felt like Christmas Holidays all over again. Only this time, I only had 3 other associates to help me instead of 5...LOL. We still managed to get the trucks done (all three of them) by 5:00... It took us 6 straight hours to get them offloaded! I even ended up working an extra hour just to cover lunch for one of my closers. A long, very physically active day for sure. Needless to say, not strength training for me tonight. I think I will just do a few stretches to help work out the stress and tension of the long day at work.

Today's Body Blessing...

B: Ham & Egg White's on English Muffin, Apple
L: Veggie Soup, Arby's Turkey Sandwich, Mixed Fruit Cocktail
D: Baked Boneless Beef Rib, Sm. Baked Potato sprinkled with Butter Buds, Mott's Bold & Spicy Vegtable Juice.

67.6 oz water (will drink anywhere between a half and full bottle before bed though so will get my daily goal of 70-oz. in)

1 lg. Diet Pepsi (I know, bad choice, but was getting headache from being so hungry working on truck...first in a few days though)

Today's Workout...

6 non-stop hours of offloading trucks at work... :)

Now, I will go do some stretches so I feel like I did at least something other than work. It may just help to relax the sore tired muscles too.
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