Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Three...

Another VERY good day for me! I woke up way too early today, laid in bed debating on whether or not I should just get up and go do one of my Workout video's... I won the debate, and as soon as hubby and daughter headed out the door for work and school, I grabbed one of my new DVDs I received from Prevention Magazine. The one I chose was 3-2-1 workout with Chris Freytag. It was a really good workout and will be even better when I get the routine down and stop laughing at my uncoordinated self.

The workout was a whole body workout with 6 sessions. Each session consisted of 3 minutes cardio, 2 minutes strength training, 1 minute of ab training. I look forward to doing this workout again.

Now that I KNOW I can get up in the morning, do about 1 hour of physical fitness, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, be out the door, and at work by 9:30 each morning without really getting up any earlier than I normally do, maybe I can stop debating with myself... just get up and do it without turning on the computer to check my boards and email first...

We were pretty busy at work today... mostly dealing with issues that came about yesterday due to our being so busy with trucks, customer pick ups, and such... but I think that the issues will be cleared up by tomorrow.... which, I won't have to deal with as I get a three day weekend!

Tomorrow I will be doing a 3-mile walk through the halls of one of the local Middle Schools. I am doing it in support of the March of Dimes. I've not done so well with my fund raising as it took them forever to mail me the forms after I sent in the request. This is the second time I have done the walk... but last year, I just walked with one of my co-workers and did not collect anything. Next year, I will have to just register online and print my forms from there. Much quicker that way...

After the March For Babies, hubby and I are going to go walk around the All Season's arena as the "Big One" is going to be there... the Big Craft Show that is... :)

Think I shall sit here tonight and work more on my goals, go back and read my previous blogs on to remind me of exactly how I did it two years ago... I know in my head what I want, but I've not worked it out to how I am going to get there...

Thanks for helping me get the motivation back that I lost. It's slowly coming back just by reading your blogs containing your menus, goals, etc. Thanks GALS! You all rock!

Oh... stood on the scale today... 139.4 which puts me back at my goal weight. Now to get the muscle tone back... :)

Today's Body Blessing:

B: Special K Red Berries Waffles w/ Raspberries & Sugar Free Blueberry Syrup, Banana.
L: Arby's Turkey Sandwich
D: Baked Pork Rib, Au Gratin Potatoes, Cheesy Broccoli, Fresh Veggies


70.8 oz water (so far)
1 bottle Flavored Water
1 small Diet Pepsi from Arby's (only because she gave it to me free of charge... manager was not used to my not ordering it... :)

Today's Workout...

Prevention fitness systems 3-2-1 workout DVD (Circuit workout)
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