Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another OK Day for me...

Today was an "OK" day for me. Another day of little sleep. I did get a few hours before my sinuses had me coughing at 3:00 in the morning again. I got up, tried to clear it out and just go back to sleep...but, it didn't help. Finally went downstairs and took a dose of Mucinex D and went back to sleep.

I got up early, but not too early, fixed myself a light breakfast. Thankfully, it was light because my hubby got up and was hungry and wanted to go to Denny's for breakfast. So, I grabbed my stuff and that's where we headed. I then went to work straight from Denny's.

Work was pretty good. No trucks today, it was very slow for being a "Super Saturday Sale". My co-worker and I worked on straightening a few things up, I worked my reports, and went over one of them with him. I then went back and finished up the few softlines that were left and cleaned up the area where it's processed. My associate back there, hates to work in a clean organized area and you can't get her to finish up what she starts before she leaves. Frustrating, but even the Store Manager says that she's set in her ways (she's been there over 30 years) and there is no changing her.

By the time I got that done, it was time for me to go home. I love short days!

Came home and Drew had dinner about ready, so we sat down and enjoyed another GRILLED meal. It's so nice not having 5' of snow on the ground covering our grill... we love to grill everything from veggies to meat. And, as an added benefit, grilling is always healthier than frying and even baking sometimes.

After cleaning up the kitchen, I did some surfing on the net to update my groups, worked on my new Knitting Board. It's coming along pretty well. Not making anything in particular right now since I'm in the learning stages yet. Using Holiday Colored Skein of yarn I've had laying, since it will probably turn out looking like a place mat or small runner, I will probably just use it as that when the holidays roll around. Could use it on the center of my table I guess... :)

Today's Body Blessing...
Breakfast: Cottage Cheese mixed with Cocktail Fruit Cup, drained. Ultimate Omelet from Denny's

L: Grilled Stuffed Burrito & Potato Ole's
D: Grilled Pork Chop, mashed potatoes, cheesy broccoli, Fresh Veggies, Olives, Mini Gherkin pickles
Beverages: 32 oz Iced Tea (Unsweetened), LOTS of water today
Today's Workout...
10 Push Ups
Squats with a crunch added in
2 sets of 10 Tricep Kickbacks with 8 lb weights
2 sets of 10 Curls with 8 lb weights
2 sets of 10 Tricep Extensions with 8 lbs weigh
2 sets of 10 Standing Row with 8 lb weights
2 sets of 10 Chest Press with 8 lb weights
2 sets of 10 Arm Lifts with 8 lb weights
2 sets of 10 Hammer Curls with 8 lb weights
AND, I have this feeling my arms are going to HURT tomorrow! LOL...
But, for the time being, it's feeling pretty darned good getting the workout in!
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