Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gearing up for the Sizzlin Hot by Summer Challange

Ok, I'm gearing up... I want to be Sizzlin Hot by summer so I am going to participate in the Sizzlin Hot by Summer challenge. I sure hope that the support of the other ladies in the challenge will help me reach my goals. I, for some reason just can't seem to find the motivation on my own...

Having to hold my self accountable to others tends to make it easier for me because I don't want to have to say I ate a bag of cookies today... I went back for a second huge helping of Mashed tators and extra gravy... If I have to tell the group I "failed" then it makes me think twice about what I am doing or not doing....

I'm still working on my 2 week menu plan. It's hard for me to do as I never really know what I'm going to be in the mood for until I get up that morning... But I am trying. I do need to head to the commissary tomorrow to purchase more fresh veggies as we finished those up tonight (maybe I should check, hubby did buy some the other day, however, we finished up what was cut up already...) and find things I will be able to pack for my lunches and snacks for work.

Meals at work tend to be the hardest for me lately. It seemed easier when Drew was in Korea for the year. Not sure why. I guess because I was shopping for what I wanted for my diet and not having to worry if he would eat it. I did eat a lot of the frozen dinners for lunches... the Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine stuff, and added fresh veggies. I could do that again. Will have to see what they have.

I sure hope that the weather starts warming up here in ND soon! I want to be able to get out and walk in the evenings or mornings. Where ever I have time. I enjoyed my walking when I lived in FL. It was so peaceful walking at the walk park. Wish there was a nice park on base to walk, but none here... not with a walk park...though, I think there is a bike trail on base. I've never followed it, but maybe I can convince my daughter to ride with me or at least walk.

I got a couple of new DVDs last week in the mail. Got them free (paid just s/h) when I bought the latest Prevention Book... still have not even used them. So, I'll have to dig them out along with all my other DVDs, and my On Demand Programs I've recorded and get to working out!

I need to go up and get my pictures taken for the Before Shots... I have a dreadful feeling they will not be as nice as the last one's I took a few weeks ago as I have Not worked out but a couple of times... but, that's what this challenge is about. Getting back the motivation and getting back into shape.

With the support of my online workout buddies, I know we can all do it! Let's get to it team!

We WILL be Sizzlin Hot by Summer!
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