Friday, October 30, 2009

What Is My Most Embarassing Moment?

Wow, off the top of my head, I think that my most embarrassing moment was one which happened a couple years ago while I still lived in FL.

I worked at Sears as the RTV associate...returning merchandise to the vendor that was either damaged, recalled, end of season, etc. Well, we had some pants that were going back and one of the guys asked me to hold them for him so that he could purchase them after he got out of work as they were dirt cheap...and working receiving, you never want to wear "nice" things...

Well, he kept forgetting to pay for them so I told him he had to get them before such and such a day or they had to be shipped back as they were going to Zero Value. He didn't have cash on him for them at the time, so asked if I would pay for them and he would pay me back as he was working an over nighter that night and would be leaving before the store opened. Well I agreed and bought the pants for him... Instead of leaving them in the office, I just took them home with me and left them in my truck.

The next morning, I got to work all of the opening MCA's, Cleaning Crew, and Receiving team were outside waiting for the manager to show up to open the door. As Rob was walking across the parking lot, I yelled over to him "Hey Rob, I have your pants are in my truck". As soon as I said "your pants are in my truck" I realized just how bad that sounded! Everyone got a huge laugh out of it.

Me, I'm sure I turned a few shades of red, but laughed it off as I knew it was too darned funny! Embarrassing, but funny!
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