Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On The Right Track...

I'm off to a good start... though, I totally forgot that it was Tuesday and Spin Class was this morning. So, I missed that. But I did get up, drank a V8 veggie drink and then did the Beyond Crunches workout from a past Runners World Magazine I have in my collection.

I was reading my previous posts yesterday trying to psyche myself up for the upcoming challenge and read about this workout. I had totally forgotten about it and it's such an awesome workout! Awesome for the core.

One of my friends from work... the one that got me to go to the spin class... well, she's thinking about getting certified to teach the Spin Class in the mornings! She figures since she's already there at the gym working out at 6:00 am, she might as well do it for the people from class that want to keep coming to class. When we went last week there was a good 10-12 people there at least. So obviously, people are going and WANT to be there. I so wish they were not canceling the class. Maybe if Desiree is certified, we can keep it going even if it's not an official class offered by the Base Gym...

Today's Body Blessing:

Morning Snack: V8

Breakfast: 2 waffles topped with raspberries & Sugar Free syrup

Lunch: Lasagna & veggies (leftovers)

Dinner: Roast Beef, Small Roasted Potato, carrots

Today's Nutritional Totals:

1,440 calories
50.8 fat
182.1 carbohydrates
75.9 protein

Today's Workout:

Beyond Crunches. The 15-minutes workout designed for runners which consists of:

Superman: 10 reps, made it harder! lifted both hands and legs together rather than separate.

Bridge: 10 reps, holding each for 10 seconds

Metronome: 10 reps

Plank Lift: 2 reps on each side

Side Plank: 30 seconds on each side

Back in shape & Perfect Posture exercises from Runners World Mag.
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