Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Still Around...

It's been a few days since I have updated my blog. I have been TERRIBLE with my workouts, eating, and such. This cold front that hit us over the past week has really put a damper on my moods. I have NEVER heard of it snowing in June... and that's exactly what it did here in North Dakota on Saturday. Luckily, in Minot, where we are stationed and live, we only got rain... but two hours away from us got 2" of snow. With the rain came 35° temps... today it's finally in the upper 40's but I want my summer back! It's just so hard to be motivated to workout, clean house, do laundry, or just do anything when you look outside and the weather is dark and dreary.

I've started today off a bit better...determined to make a day to try and flush my system of the crap I've been eating over the past week. This morning I ate Digestive Health Trail Mix and Dried Apricots, for lunch, I am going to have my Salad at JR Rockers, then dinner... I'm not sure yet. But will probably eat at Subway where I can get a Ham & Turkey Sub with all the veggies, no cheese and no dressing.

I thought I would also share this article from e-Diets which I received in my email today. We all know there is times that eating at Fast Food Restaurants are the only option we have to grab something to eat when life gets busy. There IS healthier options, we just have to make the choice to choose them over our beloved favorite high calorie meals...

Best Fast-Food Choices

By Joanne Eglash
eDiets Contributor

Even though you know it's not the healthiest decision, there are times when you just can't resist zooming to a fast-food joint for an enormous greasy hamburger or a plate of spicy fried chicken wings.

Before you take a bite, navigate yourself to one of my "Determined Dieters' Best Buys":

McDonald's: Yes, really. The Golden Arches now houses some of the nicest nutritional options for those counting calories and carbs. We're not talking Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese (740 calories), of course. But with salads galore to choose from (opt for low-calorie dressing and use only half the packet), not to mention the luscious fruit and yogurt parfait (160 calories), you can enjoy a meal that won't leave you with a guilty taste in your mouth.

Taco Bell: Say no to the Nacho BellGrande (770 calories), and opt for one of the delicious "fresco style" soft tacos. A grilled steak taco ordered fresco style, for example, has about 160 calories.

Subway: Feeling like there's no substitute for an indulgent sub? Then dive into the nearest Subway. Skip the Meatball Marinara (560 calories for a 6-inch sub) and go for a 6-inch turkey breast (280 calories) or a Veggie Delite (230 calories). You say you're carb conscious? You'll love the Carb Conscious wraps, like the Turkey & Bacon Wrap (400 calories).

Pizza Hut: A piece of pizza without guilt can be yours if you head to Pizza Hut. Avoid the Chicken Supreme Stuffed Crust (360 calories per slice) and go for the Fit 'n' Delicious menu, from which you can choose your own toppings (they have lots of veggies) for a pizza fit for a diet king or queen!

Applebee's: This casual restaurant is great for the family, especially when one or more members is on a diet. The Weight Watchers menu includes all the nutritional information, with options ranging from soups and salads to main dishes and desserts. Don't miss the delicious cheesy onion soup or chocolate raspberry layer cake.

TGI Friday's: If you're on a low-carb diet, TGI Friday's Atkins-approved menu includes fish, steak and even cheesecake. However, their menu does not list complete nutritional information.

Quizno's: Here's a quiz: What has healthy options, selections just for kids and reasonable prices? Answer: Quizno's! The chain has lots of healthy options from which to choose, and the friendly folks behind the counters are usually more than willing to substitute or leave off ingredients such as cheese. If you're counting calories, try the Tuscan Turkey (400 calories in a small sub).

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