Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fabulous N Fit Fall Challenge weigh in...

Pounds Lost This Week: None...I think I gained, but can't remember last weeks weigh-in. If I recall correctly it was 139.2 and todays weigh in was 140.4 so still not bad considering I'm only .4 over goal weight.
Total FNF Challenge Pounds Lost: Gained... it's TOM so I'm bloated today.
NSV's This week: None
Day's Exercised: Only my activities at work last week. I've so gotten into a funk where I'm less than motivated.
Inches Lost (optional):
This Week's Motivation: It lacked...
Weekly Summary: Over all, my eating patterns were not bad. I rarely ate sugary sweets, have cut back on my Diet Pepsi, drank more water or flavored waters. I continued to choose salads over fatty foods when I went out to eat...and even skipped my usual breakfast yesterday at McDonalds after my Chiropractic appointment and opted for the apple/walnut salad and and OJ instead of the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit value meal. I did end up with Pizza twice... one day for lunch as my daughter was with me at work and that's what she wanted...and Hubby ordered it one day after we came home from a party...which, thee was NO food at...LOL. Just beer and I don't drink that... so I was set.

Room for Improvement for next week: I must get my motivation back and head to the gym...do more strength training at home. I MUST MUST MUST do this for myself, for my own happiness, and self confidence.
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