Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today's Weigh In... and quick update

I was pleasantlly surprised this morning. Considering my slurge on Jelly Beans Easter Sunday and my cravings the last few days, I still ended up down again this week. I think yesterdays workout really helped a lot.

Starting Weight: 143.3
Last Weeks: 139.0
This Week: 138.8

Down .2 lbs for the week
Down 4.5 lbs for the Challange

Todays Body Blessings...
B: String Cheese & Mandarine Oranges
Pre Workout Snack: Ritz Cheese and Cracker package
L: Most Likely Buffalo Chicken Salad with Ranch Dressing as hubby and I are eatting lunch together.
D: Subway Ham/Turkey, loaded with veggies, no cheese, no dressing, Apples
Today's Workout
Treadmill, Various Inclines and Speeds
35 minutes
2.25 Miles
3.8 Average Speed
222 Calorie burned
Today I had to take a bit slower on the treadmill. My Shins were really starting to burn and ache. I think I may have over done the treadmill yesterday. It felt good while doing it, but during the day at work, the shins were getting tender. So, I kept my mph around 4 today rather than 4.5 and kept my incline closer to 2.5 & 3.0 %
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