Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just a Lazy Weekend...

Well, I had the weekend off of work and I spent it being quite lazy.

Friday, I left work and headed to Barns and Noble to pick up a book I wanted to see about getting...but then I forgot the name of it so picked up another book instead. It's a self help book in hopes I might be able to figure out ways to help my own marriage. So far the book focuses on changing myself rather than trying to change my spouse.... which I KNOW is what has to be done. I just want to read about ways to better do this for myself, for my marriage, for my family.

While at Barns and Noble, I also picked up Valentine's Day cards for my daughter and hubby. I also picked up a "deck of cards" which was not your typical playing cards. They were 52 Cheap Date cards. I bought that for hubby and I to give us some ideas of spending time together without having to spend alot of money. I read through them all yesterday after giving them to hubby with his card, and had to laugh at some of the "creative" ways they come up with to make a date. Most remind me of something a teenager would do...LOL.

After getting home Friday night, we got around and headed back into town for our usual payday dinner. Drew wanted to go to Grizzly's so that is where we headed. When we got there (it's in the mall) we noticed that they were doing an RV show so after dinner we checked out some of the RV's. They are so nice now a days...though, I tend to agree with Holly. The wallpaper and such is not the greatest. Seems like all of them they had were decorated in shades of brown. I would want more color then just brown, ivory, tan...

Drew also wanted to walk around the mall a bit and stop at Target. While he was checking out the movies, I was checking out the cameras. I found one that I wouldn't mind having. The one I had really been wanting, after much much thought, I decided was probably not really suited for me. I initially wanted the Canon Rebel XI or something to that effect. It's a DSLR camera and cost well over what we really could afford.

Well, while checking out the camera's I noticed that Canon has now come out with a Point and Shoot Camera that you can also use in manual mode... It's the Canon PowerShot SX110 SI. It has a 10x optical zoom lense, 9.0 mp. I walked over and told Drew about it. He boght it for me! Wooo Hooo! And it was about half the price of what the other camera I wanted was.

I am really happy with this camera so far. I've spent alot of time this weekend playing with the camera...trying to figure out how to shoot in manual and get good pics... I just need to find someone to teach me. I am so much better at learning when someone shows me rather than trying to read about it.

Drew mentioned to me on Friday evening that he had to go into town on Saturday with one of his new Airmen. This airman just got into town Friday and has nothing but his clothes. He left everything else at home as he is straight out of Basic Training and Tech School. This is his firt Duty Station.

So, Saturday morning, we got up and around. I gave Drew his Valentine's day card and the box of cards I bought for us and I left Holly's box of chocolates and card on the kitchen counter for her as she had not yet come down stairs. We left and went to pick up Sgt. Hernandez and headed to town showing him places of interest, the good restraunts, the bad, etc.

Drew told him that we were going to take him out for lunch, so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. I did "ok" but not great. Since it was Sgt. Hernandez's first time there, we were talked into the sampler appetizer by the waitress... I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Salad with local ranch, so at least that was not bad... I did drink LOTs of water though.

Stopped at Walmart so Sgt. Hernandez could buy bedding and laundry stuff for his dorm, then headed to the mall so he could check that out. Drew and I checked out more of the RV's that were on display and found one we really liked. Drew even figured he could live in one after the kid graduates HS and moves out of the house...LOL.

After the mall, we headed back to base and helped Sgt. Hernandez carry his stuff into the dorm then we went home and made up our grocery list and headed back out to the Commissary to get groceries.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy. As I mentioned, I played with my camera alot over the weekend. Got a really cute picture of Lucy and spend much time trying to photograph my wedding rings. That wasn't a very successful time...LOL. My emeralds keep turning out way to dark. Today though, i was finally able to get a decent shot but it's not focused well since I do not have a tri-pod...well, I've got a small one, but have no clue where it's at.

I also watched the Daytona 500 today... my guys didn't do well. Jr. got into Brian Vickers causing a 9 car accident... and Mark Martin, who was definately my favored driver to win this race today as he's never won Daytona 500 in his career, finished 16th...

I've not tracked my food intake the past few days so all I can say is they were not totally the best choices. Mostly because of eatting out. Dinner Friday night was not bad as I had a salad with fat free dressing, steak, and steamed broccoli. Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings as I mentioned could have been better had I not eatten the appetizers. Today was our usual Sunday breakfast.. I didn't eat lunch as I was not hungry. Dinner was a small portion of spaghetti with a meat sauce, cheese garlic bread, and a half plate of fresh veggies...

My workouts...

I have not done much for working out, however, I have done pushups the last two days and I did some bicyle curls while laying in bed reading last night so it's not a total flop there.
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